COA Performance Audit

Commission on Audit

Commission on Audit

We heard that the Commission on Audit would be visiting post overseas to conduct Performance Audit. It means to assess Government funds used by our posts and evaluate how the money is/was spent. The COA has the mandate not only on financial audit but performance audit as well.


Specific areas that they're going to assess are: Overseas Absentee Voting, ATN (Assistance to Nationals), LAF (Legal Assistance Fund) and overall affectivity in the delivery of programs and services to OFWs. The COA will then prepare a report that will be submitted to Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary. The report will also be made available to the public.

We welcome this very good news; perhaps the COA should include Philippine Overseas Labor Offices/OWWA as well as our Filipino Workers Resource Center.

I don't know if funds outside from Government coffers are included in their performance audit like LACSON Fund or other funds intended for the released of our jailed compatriots such as blood money not coming from our OWWA contributions.


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