OFW Livelihood Scam

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh issued a press release to warn all OFWs in the Kingdom to be extra cautious regarding entities engaged in livelihood scam and confirm the legality of any existence of a corporation or association at the SEC before entering into transaction.

In the mentioned press release dated 24 June 2007, the embassy as per information received from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila that “PGMA Unity Philcharity Fund Inc.,” an alleged Pangkabuhayan Program, is not registered with the SEC as corporation or partnership.

The said entity is alledgely engaged in a scam whereby it sends letters and certificates to OFWs stating that the latter won in a raffle drawn from roaming cellphone numbers. The OFW is then asked to remit by Western Union money transfer a certain amount in US dollar to the Philippines, for purposes of processing their prize. Likewise, the address of the said entity located in Ayala, Makati is fictitious.


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