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I am about to close my internet connection cause I have experienced a low server link for these past few days that made me irritable and can’t hardly composed a piece for my blog entry, when I received an email from a pal introducing me to someone in line with OF/OFW advocacy.


Actually, for the past few months I’ve been starting reading blogs authored by many of our Pinays and I found it interesting to read, they have their own wits and crafts that made me smile while reading their entries. I just wondering if my friends out there in the land of promise like Marlyn and Marge would find a time creating their own blogs, they’re intelligent and sometimes funny and I believed they could be a good blogger too. Not like me who always fighting for a right word to say, huh!


Anyway, my friend introduced me to someone who is actively involved in Filipino Empowerment advocacy. She is presently based in U.S. and one of the prime movers of the Third Global Filipino Networking Convention held at Cebu years back. She is the author of a blog “Radiant View” and in just a minute of glance in her entries I knew I would be visiting this blog more often in the next few days.


Her name is Lorna Lardizabal Dietz from Cebu City, a graduate of B.S. Hotel & Restaurant Administration degree from the University of the Philippines and was once the department head of the B.S. Hotel & Restaurant Administration program at Southwestern University in Cebu.

Gifted with speaking skills, she won first runner up in 1983 “Speech to Entertain” contest at the Philippine Toastmasters Convention, representing the Sinulog Toastmasters Club of Cebu City. Today, Lorna is a sought-after emcee for Filipino events in San Francisco.

Radiant View Communications, her public relations and marketing communications business keeps her busy but she just can’t ignore to continue her advocacies for the good of the Overseas Filipinos and the Overseas Filipino Workers as well. 

Like her sister Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, author of the blog “Touch by an Angel”  both of them have wits and crafts to become a famous Pinay Blogger.  

Nice meeting you my new found friend and thanks being there for and in behalf of the OFWs.


Fake Certifications or Waraqa

The Philippine Labor Office (POLO/OWWA-Riyadh) through Welfare Officer Mamerto “Bo” Mercado issued a warning to all OFWs in the Kingdom especially in Riyadh that a fraud perpetrated by a group of unscrupulous persons victimizing runaway workers and overstaying Filipino migrants.

Persons dupe unsuspecting victims to pay SAR 350-500 for each certification or waraqa purportedly issued by either the Philippine Embassy or POLO. They tell the victims that the document can make the holder immune from arrest by Saudi authorities.

Phil. Seal

Phil. Seal

We have gotten hold of copies of fake documents which contain either the seal of the Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy with the name and forged signature of Labor Attache Resty De La Fuente, or the POLO seal with the name of a Consular Officer. A woman was caught a few days ago with a bunch of waraqa intended for distribution (sale).

POLO/OWWA condemns this fraudulent act. We view it not only as a crime, but an inhuman act which puts our distressed OFWs into further peril. Not a few unsuspecting victims have been arrested by Saudi authorities and even those who sheltered them have suffered the consequences.

We urge you to unite with us in checking this fraud which may further victimize others. Let us forewarn our fellow Filipinos lest they fall prey to these unscrupulous callous persons.

The Filipino Community in Riyadh, the Philippine Mission in Saudi Arabia is requesting fellow OFWs to report such deceitful act to the following telephone numbers: Welfare Officer Bo Mercado – CP# 0557101563; Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Landline Nos. 4832201 to 04.

Maraming Salamat Po!

Nasipitnon-KSA, International Support town new Chief Executive

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- OFWs from the town of Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte gathered for the first time at Al Rajhi Thai Restaurant, Batha Center, Riyadh, Friday 20 July 2007.

The meeting was called to bring back the lost connection of Nasipitnon scattered around the globe particularly those working in the Kingdom. Despite of long separation from their home origin, most of them have families and settled in different location in the Philippines, “there’s no place like beloved hometown where memories of younger years never fades”. Thus the meeting was convened for the purpose of uniting Nasipitnon in KSA.

The Founders of Nasipitnon-KSA International

The Founders of Nasipitnon-KSA International

The attendees also signify their warm welcome and support to the newly elected Chief Executive of the town, Mayor Roy Orlando Doyon. The newly elected Mayor, a lawyer and former Vice Mayor of the town won the local election last May 14 over his rival Roscoe Plaza, belong to a prominent family political clan in Agusan Del Norte.

They also appreciate the young Mayor priority projects, the construction of Nasipit Gym and the planned renovation of the Town Plaza Kiosk. Mayor Doyon also vows to bring back the ships docking at the Nasipit International Port, the town main source of income by offering shipping companies to use NANIE (Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte Industrial Estate) facilities as possible site of their warehouses. Shipping companies like Cebu Ferries and Trans Asia have difficulties moving goods due to the distance between the port and their warehouses in Butuan.

In order to extend help for the town progress and other future charitable endeavor, the attendees agreed to formally form an organization “Nasipitnon-KSA, International”. Further, part of the group objective is to look for the welfare and concerns of fellow Nasipitnon OFWs working in the Kingdom.

To achieve their goals, a grand reunion will be held this coming Thursday, 26 July 2007 at 6:00 PM. The event

Nasipitnon in KSA

Nasipitnon in KSA

commemorate the town “Araw ng Nasipit” on August 1, 2007. First order of the next meeting will be the Election of Officers and the ratification of its Articles and By-Laws. A fundraising will follow in which the proceeds are intended for the needs of their constituents in the town remote barangays or barrio.

Preliminary discussion includes; to identify the vital needs of Nasipitnon located at far flung areas in the barrios that would benefit the whole community; others like school children needs. The future fund collection will be forwarded to the Office of the Mayor or to the Office of the DSWD.

Nasipitnon-KSA Int’l., also support the “I LOVE NASIPIT” project initiated by the nasipit@yahoo e-group (Nasipitnon International E-group) in the distribution of T-Shirts and stickers with “I Love Nasipit” printed on it. The project aims to revive the Nasipit pride and to make Nasipit known around the globe.


1) Jeri Espinosa

2) Efren Mahilum (Husband of Nasipitnon)

3) Mawe Amora

4) Jhun Redoble

5) Jhun Exclamador

6) Dante Jaramillo

7) Gary Butch Granada

8) Dong Come

9) Manny Pasinio

10) Jessie Batuhan

11) Tata Dacoseo

12) Samuel Senoc

Stripping of Power a little bit

News report yesterday from leading Arabic newspaper in the Kingdom featured Sheikh Muhammad Al-Rifai, director of the Yanbu Branch of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, that “all branches of the commission were notified of the Interior Ministry’s decision, which stipulates that the role of the commission ends once the suspect is arrested and handed over to the police.” Members of the commission are religious police called Muttawa’in.

nematawwThe order was issued by the Interior Ministry in response to a complaint filed by a father of Saudi young man who was allegedly beaten to death when members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice stormed his house in late May in the capital on the suspicion that his son was engaged in selling alcohol. The father has demanded execution of the persons responsible for his death.

Mr. Raid Qusti, a respected columnist of Arab News in his news report stated that the father would have turned his son to the authorities who has been suspected selling liquor if they showed up with a warrant for the arrest, “instead, they raided the place, never showed a piece of paper,” quoted in the news report.

Reuters on line news dated 15 July 2007 said “four members of the commission are also on trial for the death of a 50-year-old man who had been arrested for driving with an unrelated woman.”

These prompted the Saudi Interior Ministry to issue guidelines banning morality police from detaining suspects. The order follows previous efforts to regulate the activities of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, including a royal decree last year that they must deliver suspects to Interior Ministry police officers.

The order includes ban the commission on extracting confessions and inspections of morality police offices to ensure no one is being held there.

 Internet online leading news source Reuters added that “Saudi critics say the body, whose members intervene to stop unrelated men and women from mixing in public and sometimes interrogate people to check if their beliefs fit with Saudi Arabia’s Islamic orthodoxy, is an affront to civil rights.”

However, world press another online news said, “The commission believes that the decision will not affect the role of the commission in confronting corruption and violations.” It pointed out that “a great burden has been lifted from the commission’s men and the number of men working in the field will increase, thus allowing them to play a more effective role.” Further, the commission members will have to take part in compulsory field training programs and attend awareness courses.

Mutawwa’in or religious police, who constitute the Committee to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice, still have the power to arrest those who violate the law and the authority to enforce their duty by apprehending those persons who violates the strict standards of social behavior including the closing of commercial establishments during the five daily prayer observances and compliance with strict norms of public dress, and dispersing gatherings of women in public places.

However, they are not allowed to detain any suspect of a crime or violators of a certain law or ordinances; once apprehended, violators should be handed over to the police for proper questioning.

Tilapia in the Desert Land

Trip to Al Kharj

For my 14 years as expats in Saudi Arabia, these past few weeks was the hottest temperature I’ve experienced; and seems to continue till the month of September or October, the month usually winter seasons starts.

But the hottest time of the year doesn’t prevent me and fellow employees to went out yesterday (Friday) for a fishing trip to Al-Kharj to relax from a week very busy hours of work, or to ease even for just a day our homesickness away from home. This blogger in particular, July 13 is my daughter’s birthday and I am not with her to celebrate her 9th years of existence.

Al Kharj "Sunrise"

Al Kharj "Sunrise"

We traveled at 4:00 AM and arrived Al Kharj city proper at 5:10 AM. We were able to take a photo of the famous city landmark, the Al Kharj Tower on way back to our accommodation. Going to our destination we were not surprised that the roads are deserted for the reason that it was Friday and due to hot season. But all of us were amazed seeing a mall (Geant) in the area, perhaps the biggest mall in the Kingdom as written in their billboard.

Al Kharj or El-Kharj is 87 kilometers from Riyadh city proper which is 52 kilometers away from our accommodation in the 3rd Industrial Area. Al Kharj is a small city but the area in general is home of agricultural production in Saudi Arabia. Leading processing plant that deal in the production of food beverages and dairy products are located in Al-Kharj. And as what I have seen, the largest farms of the notably “Dates Palm” the national fruit of Saudi Arabia is likewise found in the area. Other agricultural products as we noticed along our way; are watermelons, barley, sorghum, onions, grapes, citrus fruit; and poultry.

Al Kharj is part of Riyadh, the country’s capital and largest city that lies among oases on a dry, rocky plateau; and it is

Al Kharj Tower

Al Kharj Tower

in the center of the whole Kingdom. Unlike Jeddah and Dammam or Al Khobar there are no coastal areas found in these region. Though Saudi Arabia lacks permanent lakes and rivers, but considerable reserves of underground water have been discovered across the countries that have been used for irrigation purposes in agricultural production.

 Water is very important in Saudi Arabia, large desalinization plants was built for the supply of drinking water, as well as the intakes of power plants and oil refineries. Most of the population including expatriates Filipinos buy mineral water for daily drinking use.


The Wetlands

 In Saudi Arabia where rain rarely occurs but heavy one when it comes, Inland Wetlands or Marsh provides natural flood control by serving as basins for excess rainwater. These floodwaters then empty into the adjoining farmlands. Many countries experimental planting showed that fruit trees and grains could be grown successfully by means of the old water-distribution systems using drainage, dams and catchment’s basins.

The Wetlands

The Wetlands

One native Saudi national we’ve met pasturing his camels near the Marsh said that the agricultural success of production in Al-Kharj contributed much in the co-operation among neighboring farms to use drainage, irrigation, erosion control, or other special type conservation programs where water reserved is not so abundant. “The Saudi government irrigation program is very helpful to farm owners,” he explained. We agreed with him as showed by the many big culvert lined up along the road that proves Government serious on-going irrigation improvements that will benefit farm owners in the area.



The trip in search of “Tilapia”

Our visit to Al Kharj is to have a proof and see to ourselves the presence of tilapia in one of the wetlands. We heard from OFWs in the neighboring factories that “Tilapias” are abundant in many Marshland located outside Al-Kharj city proper.

Though I am convinced that there are tilapias and other rare species of fish in the Saudi desert particularly in the



coastal areas of Jeddah and Al Khobar but at the center of a dry and rocky plateau like Al Kharj needs to have a proof at least by my very own eyes.

 Tilapias as what I have known are commercially important species that have been cultivated in several Asian countries, including the Philippines. They have interesting behavior and attractive coloration. The larger species are important as a source of food and are cultivated extensively. Fresh and smoked tilapias are now readily available all over the world. However, the smallest known tilapia species is listed as an endangered species. According to my research “tilapia can survive in waters with oxygen conce

ntrations as low as 0.1 parts per million, and one species inhabits hot springs with water temperatures as high as 40 deg.C (104 deg. F).” It means it can survive in Saudi Arabia.

 In Philippines Tilapia are raised in artificially created fishponds, in the fish-farming industry known as aquaculture. The aquaculturists carefully manage their production to ensure and maintain quality of water used in fish farming. It maybe because some of our lakes and swamps are already polluted that eating tilapia may harm consumers health.

To see is to believe

As explained above, Wetlands or Marsh served as basins for excess rainwater use for irrigation system. The tilapia that we caught using Philippine made “Fishing Net” or “Lambat” for the said purpose proves that tilapias are abundant in the area.

Rod, Rey and Edwin

Rod, Rey and Edwin

Out of my curiosity, I made a personal survey to look where the source of water came from, which I found out coming from the adjoining farm. A canal was built for the purpose and the “huge pre-cast culvert” near to it is ready for installation. I later discovered that the marsh where the tilapias are found had a small dam or barrier use to empty the waters into the adjoining farmlands. And according to our native Saudi friend, the wall is open in time of rainy days or when there is a rain. It should be monitored and close again when the other farms have enough supply of water in their own Marsh.

Thus the timing of the water that flows during rainy days or by the use of the underground water supply influences the use of the marsh by fish and wildlife, especially for spawning and waterfowl migrations.

 While preparing to pack up, a “Mooror” or “Highway Traffic Police” stop at the nearby road and asked, “what are we

The Catch

The Catch

doing?”, we simply said fishing tilapia. He approached us and said in Arabic “Inta Akil Hada” it means, “You eat those?” We chorused and said, “Yes!” Then he replied, “Allah! You’re so great; in my country YOU provide food for Filipinos even in the desert”. We inform him that Tilapia is clean and favorite fish of Filipinos, he replied, “My friends, what I mean is – God give us oil from underneath and now God provide food for Filipinos in the desert lake.” We all smile to him and before he goes back to his mobile car he said, “be sure to go home before 12:00 noon, the sun is so angry.”

But I advised my friends to bring one sample of the catch to a Saudi acquintance working at Ministry of Health to conduct testing first, to make sure that what we caught are safe for human consumption.

 Government and local executives in our country should not ignore the beauty of wetlands. Wetlands in other countries provide many opportunities for recreational activities, such as bird watching, hunting, fishing, trapping, and hiking. Once develop a possible local tourist attraction will emerge that will contribute enhancement of its local economy.

It was indeed a fulfilling trip, in one hot summer Friday in Saudi Arabia’s Wetlands.

Next entry “The Monkeys in the Desert Land.”

Philippine Mission: Paramount concerns

OFW Welfare and Protection

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) has been the Philippine government’s primary concern in its relations with Middle East countries. In Saudi Arabia our Philippine Mission focuses more on Filipino expatriate’s welfare and protection considering the fact that large numbers of Overseas Filipino Workers are employed in this oil rich region.

As a community partner of our Philippine Embassy, I am aware that diplomatic talks in these regards between our Philippine Labor Office and Saudi Labor Ministry are one of the many agendas in progress. Hopefully these may lead into an understanding of possible well-implemented bilateral labor agreements.

What the Saudi government is requesting is when the contract is violated; the Filipino worker should present his complaint before the concerned agencies in the Saudi labor offices before he/she leaves the Kingdom. In this process, both sides can be heard and when there is a violation committed by the employer an appropriate compensation based on a given decision will be dispensed accordingly. Complaints raised by the Filipino workers to POEA after coming from the Kingdom will not give the chance for the Saudi employer to defend himself. If a breach of contract is found then any reward may not be properly handed to the aggrieved party.

Saudi authorities is also asking the Filipino community to respect the laws, customs and traditions of the country and not to get involved in any criminal activities, like engage in dealing illicit trafficking of illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages. So with other related crimes that may result into harsh punishment even death. Other areas of concerns such as alleged maltreatment and abuse of our Filipina domestic Helpers are issues that are being discussed between the two countries for a better RP-KSA relationship.

Trade and investments

We are all aware that Welfare and Protection for our OFWs are not the only paramount interest of our Philippine Mission in the Kingdom. The area of Trade and Investment is very essential as part of their diplomatic responsibility. Trade and Investment has always been the major force behind the economic relations among nations.

During last year’s meeting of Pres. Gloria Arroyo and members of Saudi chambers of commerce and industry and the council of Philippine-Saudi businessmen, she encouraged Saudi businessmen to invest in the Philippines in different industrial sectors especially in Mindanao. Saudi businessmen welcomed the idea of investing in our country. Philippine Commercial Attache was formally re-introduced for the mentioned purpose.

2007 UNITED NATIONS— Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo and His Royal Highness Prince Saud Al-Faisal reaffirm the Philippines and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ’s firm commitment to strengthen friendly and cooperative ties, particularly in trade and investment, the peace process in the Southern Philippines , migration and inter-regional cooperation.  Secretary Romulo and Prince Saud Al-Faisal met following the ASEAN-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Meeting held at the sidelines of the 62nd UN General Assembly. The ASEAN-GCC strongly supported a proposal made by Secretary Romulo for ASEAN and GCC senior officials to begin discussions on formal linkages as well as specific projects for the ASEAN and GCC foreign ministers to consider at their next meeting.

2007 UNITED NATIONS— Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo and His Royal Highness Prince Saud Al-Faisal reaffirm the Philippines and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ’s firm commitment to strengthen friendly and cooperative ties, particularly in trade and investment, the peace process in the Southern Philippines , migration and inter-regional cooperation. Secretary Romulo and Prince Saud Al-Faisal met following the ASEAN-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Meeting held at the sidelines of the 62nd UN General Assembly. The ASEAN-GCC strongly supported a proposal made by Secretary Romulo for ASEAN and GCC senior officials to begin discussions on formal linkages as well as specific projects for the ASEAN and GCC foreign ministers to consider at their next meeting.

Mindanao is not only the home of our Muslim brothers and sisters but the country’s main agricultural export zone that currently brings tuna, pineapple, rattan furniture and fresh bananas to Saudi Arabia. The Philippine furniture alone proved its competitiveness in the world market in quality and design and the Saudi businessmen wants to purchase directly from our country than buying furniture from America that are originally manufactured in the Philippines.

Just yesterday, Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Antonio Villamor made an appeal to community leaders to support and assist in promoting to potential participants in the establishments, companies or institutions OFWs are connected with, in the upcoming October 17 to 20, 2007 International trade fair in Manila initiated by Manila FAME International.

Manila Fame International is organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions (CITEM), an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry. You can visit their web site at

Let us-all help endorsing Philippine export products that would further enhance strategic RP-Saudi relations in Trade and Investments.  – END by: BongA.

OFW Families in local governance

Every visit in my province when I’m home, I noticed newly constructed big houses in the countryside like in barrios or barangay that caught my attention whenever I had the chance to traveled Cagayan and Butuan. My beloved hometown in particular, I haven’t seen such nice houses in those areas way back in my younger years.

In every inquiries I made, who are the owners of these big houses? Only one common reply I’ve heard, “owned by seaman” or “owned by an ofw” or an “overseas Filipino”.

Thinking aloud lately how important the Overseas Filipinos contribution in nation building more importantly in our local economy. It’s just a simple logic, when the beneficiary receive the remittances from an OFW/Overseas Filipino, they will buy their basic necessities in the area, the local businesses benefited from it, the local government revenue goes up from the taxes derived from those acquired items, materials or properties by the OF/OFWs.

But not all OFWs (sea or land based) are lucky, some goes home empty handed and no savings at all and therefore needs help from the community or local government that once her/his remittances shared an important part in uplifting its local economic condition.

Nasipit Town Hall (Agusan Del Norte)

Nasipit Town Hall (Agusan Del Norte)

How can our local government or WE be of help to our not so lucky OFW returnees dubbed by our Government “Bagong Bayani”? As what I’ve said our Government Reintegration Program for our returning OFWs is just a drop in a bucket. Only very few had succeeded, not to mention that there are still requirements needed in exchange to avail such livelihood program.

What we need is a political mandate, OFW families should have a say in our local government structure or governance. We should be given a voice in determining the exact needs of our fellow OFWs and their families. There a lot of avenues we can contribute if we have the political mandate to get involve and have our views be heard for the purpose of crafting policies beneficial for our sector and social change in general.

It is about time, please join with us in our long quest for OFW/OF political empowerment.


Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate Davao Councilor Peter Lavina an OFW advocate for having been re-elected as Davao City Councilor along with newly elected Vice Mayor Sara Duterte and come backing councilors Tomas Monteverde III, Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz and Tessie Mata-Maranon, and first-termers Edgar Ibuyan, John Louie Bonguyan, Samuel Bangoy, Karlo Bello and Rachel Zozobrado.

Councilor Peter Lavina in his privilege speech during the farewell session at the City Council on the rising value of the Peso which hurts Davao’s export sector, tourism and OFW families, he said “The government has embarked on a relief plan for the exports industry with an initial $1 Million Dollar hedge fund by the state-owned Development Bank of the Philippines. I asked, what about the lowly OFW families?”

Daghang Salamat! Konsehal sa walang sawang suporta sa aming hanay. Mabuhay Ka!

Job Opening: Urgent

Leading manufacturing firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is in urgent need of the following:


A)  Architects


1) Must have a college or university degree

   (Original Diploma is Required)

2) With very good knowledge in AutoCad Design

3) Prepare Estimates, Drawings and Quotations

4) A minimum of 3 to 5 Years experience is required

5) Experience in preparation of Cutting Lists,

   Job Orders and Programming for Machines

   Programming for Machines: Training is required

   when arrive in Riyadh


B) Accountants


a)Education(B.A. in Business Administration Major

  in Accounting)

b)Experience: Minimum of 3 Years experience

  in Accounting


  Covering the following areas:

1. Accounts Payable/Purchases

2. Accounts Receivables/Sales

3. Payroll and Staff Accounts

4. Fixed Assets/Capital Expenditures

5. Inventory Accounts  *Cost Accounting is an asset


c)Languages*English Language; very good in speaking

  and writing

d)Computer Knowledge*MS Office (Excel, Word, Access ),

  MS Windows, Experience in Automated Business Solution

  and Financial Accounting


C)  Secretaries (MALE) 


1)Must have a College or University degree re:

  Secretarial Course (Original Diploma is required)

2)With very good English communication skills 

  (writing and speaking)

3)Have experienced in  Microsoft Word and Excel, etc.

4)With knowledge in Internet browsing

5)Typing with high speed is required particularly quotation

6)Can transcribed dictation and have experience in Filing system

7)Not more than 30 years of age

8)Can composed correspondence in own initiative


Please contact:


The Company authorized Manpower Agency in Philippines



RIZZ 1059 Metropolitan Ave., Makati City, 1200 Philippines

Applicant Hotline: +63 2 8956911


*Most Outstanding Int’l. Manpower Agency for 2003 in the 18th Annual Consumers Excellence Awards*

Three in One


DFA USEC Rafael Seguis

DFA USEC Rafael Seguis

DFA Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs Rafael Seguis is scheduled to leave for Jakarta after his brief visit in the Kingdom. Am sure he is here on official visit as Philippine Government emissary to the Kingdom for a possible diplomatic approach in relation to the plight of our 3 compatriots who are on death rows.

USEC Seguis prior to his posting at DFA-OUMWA was a former Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. His expertise handling sensitive issues in the past that concerns to our compatriots in distress proved him as a true diplomat, in words and in deeds. Sir, WE can count on you in these very trying moments.



OWWA Admin. M. Roque

OWWA Admin. M. Roque

OWWA contractual employee who slapped a flight attendant in an outburst of emotion deserves to be terminated at once – thank you Administrator Roque. When I’m home, I will show you some list of names of POEA/OWWA personnel who are very rude in dealing with our fellow OFWs, hope there will be an appropriate investigation to get rid of such kind of arrogant public servant.



PPP FINAL LOGOThe recent discussion on a proposed OFW/OF led political party is currently in progress. Forming a political party is not just like a simple thing to tackle. This is not an ordinary organization; therefore a broader and active participation among Overseas Filipinos and OFWs is very essential for the realization of this dream.

Overseas Filipinos, Overseas Filipino Workers (land, sea based, former OFWs, OFW advocates at home) are invited to join our yahoo e-group. Your ideas is important to us, let it be heard.

If you are not an OFW, we may still consider accept/approving your subscription request provided you could show to us your concern about the welfare of and issues about OFWs.

Come! Join Us!!!