Three in One


DFA USEC Rafael Seguis

DFA USEC Rafael Seguis

DFA Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs Rafael Seguis is scheduled to leave for Jakarta after his brief visit in the Kingdom. Am sure he is here on official visit as Philippine Government emissary to the Kingdom for a possible diplomatic approach in relation to the plight of our 3 compatriots who are on death rows.

USEC Seguis prior to his posting at DFA-OUMWA was a former Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. His expertise handling sensitive issues in the past that concerns to our compatriots in distress proved him as a true diplomat, in words and in deeds. Sir, WE can count on you in these very trying moments.



OWWA Admin. M. Roque

OWWA Admin. M. Roque

OWWA contractual employee who slapped a flight attendant in an outburst of emotion deserves to be terminated at once – thank you Administrator Roque. When I’m home, I will show you some list of names of POEA/OWWA personnel who are very rude in dealing with our fellow OFWs, hope there will be an appropriate investigation to get rid of such kind of arrogant public servant.



PPP FINAL LOGOThe recent discussion on a proposed OFW/OF led political party is currently in progress. Forming a political party is not just like a simple thing to tackle. This is not an ordinary organization; therefore a broader and active participation among Overseas Filipinos and OFWs is very essential for the realization of this dream.

Overseas Filipinos, Overseas Filipino Workers (land, sea based, former OFWs, OFW advocates at home) are invited to join our yahoo e-group. Your ideas is important to us, let it be heard.

If you are not an OFW, we may still consider accept/approving your subscription request provided you could show to us your concern about the welfare of and issues about OFWs.

Come! Join Us!!!


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