Fake Certifications or Waraqa

The Philippine Labor Office (POLO/OWWA-Riyadh) through Welfare Officer Mamerto “Bo” Mercado issued a warning to all OFWs in the Kingdom especially in Riyadh that a fraud perpetrated by a group of unscrupulous persons victimizing runaway workers and overstaying Filipino migrants.

Persons dupe unsuspecting victims to pay SAR 350-500 for each certification or waraqa purportedly issued by either the Philippine Embassy or POLO. They tell the victims that the document can make the holder immune from arrest by Saudi authorities.

Phil. Seal

Phil. Seal

We have gotten hold of copies of fake documents which contain either the seal of the Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy with the name and forged signature of Labor Attache Resty De La Fuente, or the POLO seal with the name of a Consular Officer. A woman was caught a few days ago with a bunch of waraqa intended for distribution (sale).

POLO/OWWA condemns this fraudulent act. We view it not only as a crime, but an inhuman act which puts our distressed OFWs into further peril. Not a few unsuspecting victims have been arrested by Saudi authorities and even those who sheltered them have suffered the consequences.

We urge you to unite with us in checking this fraud which may further victimize others. Let us forewarn our fellow Filipinos lest they fall prey to these unscrupulous callous persons.

The Filipino Community in Riyadh, the Philippine Mission in Saudi Arabia is requesting fellow OFWs to report such deceitful act to the following telephone numbers: Welfare Officer Bo Mercado – CP# 0557101563; Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Landline Nos. 4832201 to 04.

Maraming Salamat Po!


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