Nasipitnon-KSA, International Support town new Chief Executive

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia- OFWs from the town of Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte gathered for the first time at Al Rajhi Thai Restaurant, Batha Center, Riyadh, Friday 20 July 2007.

The meeting was called to bring back the lost connection of Nasipitnon scattered around the globe particularly those working in the Kingdom. Despite of long separation from their home origin, most of them have families and settled in different location in the Philippines, “there’s no place like beloved hometown where memories of younger years never fades”. Thus the meeting was convened for the purpose of uniting Nasipitnon in KSA.

The Founders of Nasipitnon-KSA International

The Founders of Nasipitnon-KSA International

The attendees also signify their warm welcome and support to the newly elected Chief Executive of the town, Mayor Roy Orlando Doyon. The newly elected Mayor, a lawyer and former Vice Mayor of the town won the local election last May 14 over his rival Roscoe Plaza, belong to a prominent family political clan in Agusan Del Norte.

They also appreciate the young Mayor priority projects, the construction of Nasipit Gym and the planned renovation of the Town Plaza Kiosk. Mayor Doyon also vows to bring back the ships docking at the Nasipit International Port, the town main source of income by offering shipping companies to use NANIE (Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte Industrial Estate) facilities as possible site of their warehouses. Shipping companies like Cebu Ferries and Trans Asia have difficulties moving goods due to the distance between the port and their warehouses in Butuan.

In order to extend help for the town progress and other future charitable endeavor, the attendees agreed to formally form an organization “Nasipitnon-KSA, International”. Further, part of the group objective is to look for the welfare and concerns of fellow Nasipitnon OFWs working in the Kingdom.

To achieve their goals, a grand reunion will be held this coming Thursday, 26 July 2007 at 6:00 PM. The event

Nasipitnon in KSA

Nasipitnon in KSA

commemorate the town “Araw ng Nasipit” on August 1, 2007. First order of the next meeting will be the Election of Officers and the ratification of its Articles and By-Laws. A fundraising will follow in which the proceeds are intended for the needs of their constituents in the town remote barangays or barrio.

Preliminary discussion includes; to identify the vital needs of Nasipitnon located at far flung areas in the barrios that would benefit the whole community; others like school children needs. The future fund collection will be forwarded to the Office of the Mayor or to the Office of the DSWD.

Nasipitnon-KSA Int’l., also support the “I LOVE NASIPIT” project initiated by the nasipit@yahoo e-group (Nasipitnon International E-group) in the distribution of T-Shirts and stickers with “I Love Nasipit” printed on it. The project aims to revive the Nasipit pride and to make Nasipit known around the globe.


1) Jeri Espinosa

2) Efren Mahilum (Husband of Nasipitnon)

3) Mawe Amora

4) Jhun Redoble

5) Jhun Exclamador

6) Dante Jaramillo

7) Gary Butch Granada

8) Dong Come

9) Manny Pasinio

10) Jessie Batuhan

11) Tata Dacoseo

12) Samuel Senoc


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