How can our Government protect us?

There are a lot of stories around that I want to write but my emotion clogged up due to its complexity. A couple of months ago this blogger was reprimanded by our Philippine Mission for just a mere inquiry about the death of a Domestic Helper who died under their care.  But who will dare to inform the Filipino global community of what is happening particularly to the plight of our distressed OFWs? As a community leader and an OFW, I have the right to inquire and assist those compatriots who ask for help.

The case of Catherine Sarabia and her 4 months old baby who traveled to Jeddah after our Philippine Mission in Riyadh can’t do anything on her case is worth a few clicks on my keyboard. She is back in Riyadh again after our Consulate Officials in Jeddah could not do anything on her plight. But I will defer the story for a moment, I should need to gather more facts before pouring out aloud my emotion in due time. When that time comes, am sure it would be a “Headlines” at home.

Case of OFW J. Dulnuan in Canada

Case of OFW J. Dulnuan in Canada

Talking about “headlines” the vultures in our midst is coming back in the scene again and our Government has done nothing to curb or stop the illegal trafficking of Filipinos. Illegal entries of OFWs to other countries are again on the rise. This pertains to the 51 Filipinos that had been kidnapped to fill in the labor contract to work for the construction of U.S. Embassy 21 high-rise towers in 104 acres on the west bank of the River Tigris in Iraq.

How powerful those people behind the scene that even our media walang naamoy tungkol dito.  Philstar columnist Carmen Pedrosa in his column said “where are the usually alert local press and human rights groups when all this was happening? Or when it happened and came to be known through a congressional inquiry in US Congress, it took the London Times to pick it up as a major story”. To read more click link “Why did this story not make the headlines?”

In Jeddah, a news item appeared in Arab News about the 7 OFWs hired to work in a restaurant with Tourist Visas. Those OFW could be apprehended and end up in jail if found working without residency or work permit.

No to Illegal Recruitment

No to Illegal Recruitment

Despite of the temporary ban to work in Lebanon, many Domestic Helpers arrived in that country through unscrupulous travel agencies based in Cebu. How can they travel or exit from our country without the help of corrupt officials in our Government?

How can our government protect OFWs, “sa Pilipinas pa lang hindi na ninyo kami ma protektahan, how much more when an OFW arrived in his/her destination?”  Huh! If something happen to Catherine Sarabia and her 4 month old baby, surely it would be “another case of government neglect” like what had happen to Felisa Garcia.


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