OLEP4CL Part II (Complaint before SLO)

OLEP4CL Part II – Complaint before Saudi Labor Office

batch2During the seminar  Case Interpreter  Mr. Ustadz Salahuddin Unda provide us the salient features of the New Saudi Labor Law. He emphasized that the Labor Contract between the employee and employer should be respected in which terms and conditions in the contract should not be violated between both parties.  

If an OFW feels that his/her contract is violated then you have to do the following Procedure.

1) Know the terms and condition of your contract.

2) Inform your employer in writing if there are any violation/s in your contract. eg.

 (Unpaid/underpaid wages; Unpaid/underpaid overtime ; Deduction of fees for Iqama, Visa, Placement, Airfare and others ; Non-payment of ESB and Vacation Leave)

3) Do not sign a new contract without knowledge of its terms and conditions.

         Specified Contract and Open Contract

4) For Final Exit or Resignation, submit a notice 30 days prior to the date.

5) If nothing happens, file a complaint at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) to settle the issue amicably or assist you in filing a case at the Saudi Labor Office.

Read moreFor the remedies available to the worker in case of employer’s violation of the provision of employment contract or labor law.


Saudi Labor Office Tel. No. Saudi Labor Office Tel. No.
Riyadh Region 01-4039857 Al Rass Prov. 04-3333502
Kharj Region 01-4548231 Jauf Region 04-6241766
Dawadmi Province 01-6420920 Al-Ula Prov. 04-88440830
Wadi Addawasir Prov. 01-7840264 Northern Frontiers (Arar) 04-6627128
Shaqra Province 01-6221342 Alwajh Prov. 04-4421970
Makkah Province 02-5420745 Tabuk Prov. 04-4221181
Jeddah Province 02-6311687 Qurayyat Prov. 04-6421108
Taif Province 02-7461616 Turaif Prov. 04-6521029
Hafr Albatin Prov. 03-7220220 Majmaa Prov. 06-4321724
Ahsa Province 03-5822801 Zulfi Province 06-422-0235
Eastern Reg. (Dammam) 03-8261419 Qassim Reg. (Buraidah) 06-3250387
Khobar Province 03-8641541 Omaizah Province 06-3640285
Abqaiq Province 03-5661324 Hail Province 06-5321139
Jubail Province 03-3620150 Aseer Region (Abha) 07-2242128
Khafji Prov. 03-7660380 Qunfudah Province 07-7320761
Ras Tannurah Prov. 03-6670424 Bisha Province 07-6226718
Madinah Prov. 04-8654416 Baha Region 07-7253240
Yanbu Province 04-3222688 Najran Region 07-5224995
    Jazan Region 07-3213671
Expatriate Worker’s Care Dept.     01-2104588

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