First OIG “Obenoys Basketball Tournament”

obe1Sept. 27, 2007 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Filipinos employed at Obeikan Investment Group of Companies located in the 2nd Industrial Area, Riyadh successfully open their “First Obeikan Investment Group Basketball Tournament“. The event was graced by H.E. Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Antonio Villamor and Mr. Saad Al Azwari, the General Manager of Printing and Packaging Shared Services Department of OIG.


obe3Obeikan Investment Group of Companies is one of the country’s leading manufacturer of paper and plastic packages for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and foil lids, and fiber glass packages for tents and commercial printing. The company also operates bookstores, publishes and sells books; provides educational and research and development software programs.


obe4Obeikan Group consists of 12 companies and employs more than 1200 employees mostly Filipinos, from managerial post to rank and file. It has more than 25 field offices in the Middle East, Far East and North Africa .


“The tournament is the first of the series of tournaments organized by the OFW-Bayanihan Pinoys,” said Mr. Efren Danoso the Chairman of the Sports Committee. The event was officially dubbed as “The OBENOYS Basketball Tournament”; Obenoys comes from the words “Obeikan” and “Pinoys” merge together.

 obe5Mr. Marlo Baldo one of the organizer added “the tournament is very much supported by the management, the company’s way of expressing their gratitude to the OFWs who made major contribution for the company’s success from the beginning it started in 1982.”

Overseas Filipino Workers Congress President Mr. Alex Veloso Bello in his  message pointed out, “that sports can cope up homesickness and prevent undesirable activities among Filipinos away from home”, he further added, “It promotes harmony between employee and employer relationship”. 

 Invited Filipino groups during the opening were Medical Alliance Services and Advocacy, Comrades (MASA.COM) and the Kalipunang Kaakabay ng Mangagawang Pilipino sa Saudi Arabia.

NKSAI Fiesta 2007 Celebration & Induction of Officers


To Officers and Members of Nasipitnon-KSA, International (NKSAI)

Hometown Fiesta Celebration and Induction of Officers

20 September 2007






(Founded Year 2007)


Article of Cooperation and By-Laws







The organization shall be named  “NASIPITNONKSA, INTERNATIONAL


The name itself means any individual or Overseas Filipino Workers comes from the town of Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte who are presently working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Central, Eastern and Western Region), thus KSA refer to.


The word “INTERNATIONAL” means “Nasipitnon-KSA” is affiliated with any Nasipitnon group all over the world.







To foster mutual understanding and unity among its members (town mates); promote, preserve and contribute whatsoever the organization decide for the progress of their hometown Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte; stimulate their interest about Nasipit, its historical- cultural heritage; promote projects geared towards improving the quality of life of the towns poorest of the poor especially the school children and instill their children desirable Filipino values and Nasipitnon strong religious beliefs and traditions;


To encourage cooperation, establish camaraderie among Nasipitnon wherever they may be.


To work with the Philippine government or its attached agencies for the protection and welfare of Nasipitnon Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and their beneficiaries.  

Global Filipino Nation for Effective Governance

International Conference

“Building the Global Filipino Nation for Effective Governance”

May 8-11, 2008




Former  Gen. Comendador  & Mr. Mike Bolos

Former Gen. Comendador & Mr. Mike Bolos

Over a period of more than one year starting in early 2006, various organizations in the overseas Filipino community have proposed to hold an international conference in 2008 to mobilize overseas Filipinos (OFs), their families and groups aligned with them into a force for governance change. As a result of a series of consultative exchanges among Filipino leaders at home and abroad, the focus evolved into the agreed theme of “Building the Global Filipino Nation for Effective Governance“, planned to be taken up during an International Conference on May 8-11, 2008.

The Attendees

The Attendees

The initial group of about a dozen potential planning conference participants quickly expanded to include a list of over 5 dozen participants, affiliated with more than 60 stakeholder organizations, who expressed keen interest in actively participating in the planning conference. The diversity of the backgrounds, ideologies and goals of the participants made the conference management a seemingly daunting task, with representation among the academe, think tanks, peasant groups, labor, media, grassroots organizers, business, banking and investments, consulting, OFW/migrant rights advocacy, youth, indigenous peoples, foundations and law. It was felt that, while having a large group planning the conference posed a challenge in maintaining manageability, a greatly enlarged circle of participants could pave the way for much broader range of committed stakeholders. It was against that backdrop that a whole-day Planning Conference was held on July 28, 2007 at the AIM Conference Center, Makati City.

The Group

The Group

The Planning Conference organizers wish to extend their deep appreciation to all of those who were directly involved with the preparation for the conference, contributed valued inputs to the logical frameworks for the conference modules, extended networking assistance, actively led or participated in the plenary sessions and workshops, offered insightful comments, rendered rapporteurial support and provided financial support. 

Special thanks are owed to the efficient Conference Secretariat, led by Mesdames Lanie B. Aquino and Nelia Lim.

Taken From: Aide Memoire: July 28, 2007, Planning Conference on: Building the Global Filipino Nation for Effective Governnance.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Press Release No. APV-42-2007

10 September 2007


Ramadan Schedule


In line with the observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh would like to inform the general public that effective 15 September 2007, its regular office hours will commence from 10:00 am up to 3:00 pm only from Saturday to Wednesday.


The Thursday schedule from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon of the Consular Section of the Embassy is suspended for the duration of the Ramadan. Likewise, the Embassy’s Consular Team will not render consular services (passport, visa authentication etc.) in the Eastern Region for the month of September.


The Embassy will resume its regular working hours after the Eid Al Fitr Holidays.


The aforementioned schedule is in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



In the Observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan




Wishes our Muslim Brothers and Sisters


And the


Islamic World



Open Table Tennis Tournament





( Class A, B, C, plus DOUBLES & TEAM EVENT )





Al – Sharq  Plastic Industries Employees Compound

2nd Industrial City, New Sinaiya, Riyadh




SEPTEMBER 21  – OCTOBER 12, 2007




Mr. Ronny  A.  Lawas

Mobile #  0500201372  or  265 5555 ext.  139
Mr. Oscar Llabres
Mobile #  0507104277
Mr. Roy Esguerra
Mobile #  0562956114


” Join this exciting action-packed tournament “


Hosted by: Savola Al Sharq Plastic Industries

In coordination with the Filipino Community

In the Industrial Area-Riyadh

Kalipunang Kaakabay ng Manggagawang Pilipino

Sa Ibayong Dagat


Just around the Corner

My comment to Perryscope entry  “OFW on the road to Empowerment”

OFW Empowerment is just around the corner

Malou Fernandez article was just like an issue of the proposed OFW taxation and the plan transfer of OWWA fund to government-controlled bank, where it spark and made a loud boom like a detonated bomb from a suicide bomber in Tikrit, Iraq. The roaring voice of disagreement from OFWs to the mentioned plan echoes around the four corners of the globe. Result – it dies even before it started.  “Mabuhay ang OFWs”.

But start talking about politics and OFW political empowerment, nobody will react, no emotions, as if late Bert Tawa Marcelo’s famous movie “WANAKOSEY” in Philippine dialect “Tamimi”. Why? It is because politics to all of us Filipinos is dirty and we can’t deny it.

What happen to our country now is just like a cancer that cannot be cured. Our Government is governed by the same politicians, people who can manipulate the lives of other people through the power of money and influence.

Immigrants in U.S.

Immigrants in U.S.

WE heard it, we feel it, and we saw it in front of our very own eyes and how come we OF/ OFWs ignore these? Is it because we are not there (at home)? Is it because you are an immigrant or an overseas Filipinos who enjoy the customs, traditions and the life of the country you live in? Or You are an OFW in Saudi Arabia or a seaman who believes that if your family back home eat three times a day, owned a big house and an expensive car  “KALIWALI” (never mind) what happen to our country.

NO! Whether we like it or not, an Overseas Filipinos and OFWs are part of Philippine politics. We are Filipinos in thoughts, in words and in deeds. “Kayumangi ang kulay natin”  we can’t deny nor hide our true identity wherever we may be.

We can’t ignore what happening within the community and our beloved country, because deep inside we feel the sacrifices and struggles of the poorest of the poor Filipinos. We feel the pain of our Filipina Household Service Workers, maltreated and raped in the dessert land of the Middle East.

If you feel all those mentioned above, then you are a Filipino.

What we need is to act and set things our country towards the right direction. And only the power of the 8 Million Overseas Filipinos and families at home is the answer to all of these anxieties. We need change and that changes must start from us.

Mr. Victor Barrios is one of the 8 Million Overseas Filipinos who believed that a Global Filipino Coalition could change our country from turmoil, corruption and injustice. We OFWs in KSA and around the globe believes that it is about time to empower ourselves towards a new beginning.

An e-group was formed to discuss a possible creation of an OFW-led Political Party. We call it “Partidong Pandaigdigang Pilipino“, PPP in short, where we consolidate our opinions, heard our different views and would probably come up into a cohesive foundation in the formation of a powerful Philippine political party in 2010.

We are very grateful to those who respond so promptly in this urgent call and it shows a great responsibility and challenge to all of those who believed that unity after all is not too elusive to attain.  The formation of PPP gives a new growth in our own sense of unity. As the time goes on, we will learn that this unity will hold us together even in the midst of diverse opinions and variety of ideas. ### BongA


there you are!

there you are!

OFW Political Empowerment

is just around the corner ready to explode.

Phil. Embassy Advisory

E-mail from: Welfare Officer Mamerto “Bo” Mercado  dated 6 September 2007


Dear Sir /Madam:


Please be informed that Consulate General Padalhin informed us this morning that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) disapproved the holding of Medical Dental Mission tomorrow, 07 September 2007 at the Philippine Embassy.


We will inform you on any developments on the said activity.


Please inform your members.




Phil. Overseas Labor Office-Riyadh



The Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh would like to once again remind all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are residing and/or working in the Kingdom, particularly in Ryadh and surrounding areas, that the Medical and Dental Mission for OFWs will be held on Friday, 07 September 2007 at the Main lobby of the Chancery, Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


All OFWs as well as their families and Filipino friends are encouraged to avail of the free medical and dental services (consultation/check up, dental extraction and cleaning, eye check-up, free medicines and vaccinations (anti-polio; anti-meningitis and flu vaccines) and free international calls at the same time that will be provided by the Computer Society of Filipinos International, Inc. (COMSOFIL).


The Mission is a project of the Embassy/Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Riyadh, in cooperation with the Filipino Community Organizations (ANCOP Gawad Kalinga, Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association (APORAA), Filipino Expatriates, Health, Education and Livelihood Programs (FEHELP), Guardians Philippines Anti-Crime Organization, Inc. (GPI), Medical Alliance Services and Advocacy, Comrades (MASA.COM) and Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, inc. (PGBI).  

Anita’s Kitchen

Cooking is not my cup of tea but of course I know how to cook rice, and Shoot-To-Kill (S-Sinugba-Ihaw, T-Tinolang Isda or manok and K for Kilaw-Kilawin). 

BongA's Kitchen

BongA's Kitchen

Recently my impulse told me so to explore the nature of cooking for the reason that I have to spend much of my time at home when I’m back in our country for good. So, by that time comes I will be working in my kitchen. Though the main reason will go along the lines while you read this entry.

BongA's Flying Shrimp

BongA's Flying Shrimp

I started doing my assignments and have the chance to do research and stumbled upon many famous chefs and their unforgotten skills. I found some like; a) Auguste Escoffier, a French chef and master of the haute cuisine style of French cookery b) Julia Child, an American cooking expert, author, and television personality c) Paul Prudhomme, also an American chef and author who gained fame for his spicy Creole rice dish with seafood or meat and crawfish etouffee (a Cajun seafood and vegetable stew and d) Marie Antoine Careme, a French master chef and writer on cookery.

Breaded tilapia w/ vegetables

Breaded tilapia w/ vegetables

Above mentioned personalities were long gone but they remain unforgettable icons in the world of cooking. You can search their names and their works at Googles. Interesting indeed, but some of the important ingredients they used, frankly I really don’t know they exist.  

Now, you might ask why my entry for today is about cooking?  My answer is because I met someone who loves to cook and her works inspires me to venture into cooking.

She is Madame Anita Sese Schon. I met her in the cyber world at the Partido Pandaigdigang Pilipino (PPP) E-Group. She was very kind, humble and witty. She is currently based at Bremerton, Washington State, USA. Married to a retired U.S. Navy and a little sexy Great Grandma of ten grandchildren, two of them great grandsons. She went to Arellano High school and graduated Commerce at Far Eastern University. She is going back to Philippines by October to finish her two books about cooking. 



Aside from her love of cooking, it really fascinates me that she is also and active OF/OFW Advocate. Her main concern is for the welfare of our Filipina Household Service Worker. In fact, she is one of the prime movers in the upcoming Overseas Filipino Congress initiated by OFC (Overseas Filipino Council) to be held in the Philippines this year.  

Back to cooking, one of her Filipino recipe is called “Kumeh’s Pinapaitan” named after our respected elder at PPP e-group retired General Jose Comendador.


gen. kumeh's pinapaitan

gen. kumeh's pinapaitan

Just yesterday a “Breaded Tilapia” and “Breaded Steamed Tilapia with Vegetables” was made dedicated to the honorable member of our group, former U.P. Professor Ceasar Torres.

To my friend Nitz, I hope that in the near future there will be a recipe named “Bonga” or maybe “Flying Bonga”. 

To those who loves to cook, you can visit this link “Anita’s Kitchen“.

Immorality a Serious Offense

A week ago I received a call at 1:30 early morning; I may call it a distress call. The person in the other line was an acquaintance a long time ago; it even took me a few minutes to remember her.

She was crying asking for help. Mutawwa’in, a religious police who constitute the Committee to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice in the Kingdom, apprehended her and two other female companions. They just stepped out from a car and about to enter a restaurant when the religious police spotted them and asked for proper documentation.

My friend actually was in a wrong place at a wrong time, she was in the company of unrelated person of the opposite sex.

I advised my friend to relax and instructed her to contact her sponsor.

I contacted Attache Tom Lawson at the Philippine Embassy who acted right away and later found out that 2 of her companions have serious problem due to the absence of working permits or iqamas. In other words her companions were undocumented OFWs.

My friend who has complete documents was released after her sponsor came and signed a waiver for her temporary release. Her other companion who have a photo copy only of her iqama was also freed the next day after her employer showed up at the police precinct and bailed her out. The third one who doesn’t have a residence permit remains in jail.

However, their case that is called “immorality” will be forwarded to the court that will render the final decision.  A hearing would take place for them to defend themselves in court.

Men and women found together with faked marriage documents or who were not married or closely related is against the Islamic law in the Kingdom; and it is “immorality or prostitution” according to its interpretation of Shari’a.

If men and women found in an embarrassing situation, women could be charged with “prostitution”. The police will then file a case to the court and if found guilty, it is punishable by flogging with a cane and a prison term of six (6) months or more and subject for deportation.



Many fellow OFWs are incarcerated in different jails in the 3 Regions of the Kingdom from various offenses including immorality and illegal marriage. To my fellow OFWs in the Kingdom – please let us respect the law of our host country and see to it that the documents with you are legal binding documents and not a fake one, or else you may spend part of your working contract in jail with flogging as bonus.

read related post: Pasaway ; CP’s on PDOS ; Philippine Embassy cautions OFW’s 26 Filipinos arrested for possessing fake papers (marriage, iqamas) in Dammam

Guardians-RUH Chapter Awarding of Certificates

31 August 2007, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-Guardians Brotherhood, Incorporated, a renowned group founded in the Philippines held its GBI Riyadh, KSA Chapter General Meeting and Awarding of Membership Certificate.

g1GBI whose National Executive Council officers and headquarters are based in the Philippines was organized under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, recognized and registered with Securities and Exchange Commission # 123899 last December 10, 1984.

GBI National members were mostly belong from the rank of active and retired members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

GBI Riyadh, KSA Chapter

GBI Riyadh, KSA Chapter

The GBI, Riyadh-KSA Chapter was organized March 1, 2007 through the active leadership of founder Senando””Tiger” Garcia, the group was certified as Accredited Community Partner of the Philippine Embassy on July 2007.

GBI was one of the groups of marshals manning at the Philippine Embassy that oversees peaceful and orderly conduct of the last Overseas Absentee Voting.

Recognized by the GBI national leadership as a legitimate chapter in the Kingdom, GBI-Riyadh Chapter held the awarding of certificates to their members last Friday, August 31, 2007. Their Chapter President Aldrin “Aguila” Reginio organized the said event. The Philippine Ambassador to the Kingdom, H.E. Antonio Villamor signed the membership certificate.

GBI Founder Founder Senando “Tiger” Garcia

GBI Founder Founder Senando “Tiger” Garcia

Founder Senando “Tiger” Garcia in his opening remarks said that “members should always respect the group Constitution and By-laws; one of the important provision is “to uphold the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines”.

“As a civilian sector of GBI, we should not tarnish the good image of the Guardians worldwide, we must respect each other as well as to value the existence of fellow group of Guardians” said Aldrin “Aguila” Reginio, in his closing remarks.

Guardians Brotherhood, Incorporated in the Philippines who are belong to Guardians Magic Group, known as GMG or civilian members is estimated 2 Million nationwide with existing chapters worldwide.

Advisory Body Alex Veloso Bello

Advisory Body Alex Veloso Bello

GBI-Riyadh Chapter aims to form a Multi Purpose Cooperative to foster financial freedom to its members and immediate families. GBI is also committed to help the Philippine government and host country for the welfare and protection of all Overseas Filipino Workers in the Kingdom.

Assisting the awarding of membership certificate was Guest of Honor, OFW Congress-Riyadh President Alex Veloso Bello who is also the group Advisory Body together with Ronnie Ulep, the President of SIPAG (Simbolo ng Pangkapatirang Pilipino sa Gitnang Silangan).

Present officers of GBI are as follows: MG’s Charlito “Jr” Requillo, Ruel “Chief” Babael, Cornelio “Cav” Villojan, Ronal “Jake” Tagavilla, Danilo “Amigo” Nivero and Manuel “Mawe” Amora.