Anita’s Kitchen

Cooking is not my cup of tea but of course I know how to cook rice, and Shoot-To-Kill (S-Sinugba-Ihaw, T-Tinolang Isda or manok and K for Kilaw-Kilawin). 

BongA's Kitchen

BongA's Kitchen

Recently my impulse told me so to explore the nature of cooking for the reason that I have to spend much of my time at home when I’m back in our country for good. So, by that time comes I will be working in my kitchen. Though the main reason will go along the lines while you read this entry.

BongA's Flying Shrimp

BongA's Flying Shrimp

I started doing my assignments and have the chance to do research and stumbled upon many famous chefs and their unforgotten skills. I found some like; a) Auguste Escoffier, a French chef and master of the haute cuisine style of French cookery b) Julia Child, an American cooking expert, author, and television personality c) Paul Prudhomme, also an American chef and author who gained fame for his spicy Creole rice dish with seafood or meat and crawfish etouffee (a Cajun seafood and vegetable stew and d) Marie Antoine Careme, a French master chef and writer on cookery.

Breaded tilapia w/ vegetables

Breaded tilapia w/ vegetables

Above mentioned personalities were long gone but they remain unforgettable icons in the world of cooking. You can search their names and their works at Googles. Interesting indeed, but some of the important ingredients they used, frankly I really don’t know they exist.  

Now, you might ask why my entry for today is about cooking?  My answer is because I met someone who loves to cook and her works inspires me to venture into cooking.

She is Madame Anita Sese Schon. I met her in the cyber world at the Partido Pandaigdigang Pilipino (PPP) E-Group. She was very kind, humble and witty. She is currently based at Bremerton, Washington State, USA. Married to a retired U.S. Navy and a little sexy Great Grandma of ten grandchildren, two of them great grandsons. She went to Arellano High school and graduated Commerce at Far Eastern University. She is going back to Philippines by October to finish her two books about cooking. 



Aside from her love of cooking, it really fascinates me that she is also and active OF/OFW Advocate. Her main concern is for the welfare of our Filipina Household Service Worker. In fact, she is one of the prime movers in the upcoming Overseas Filipino Congress initiated by OFC (Overseas Filipino Council) to be held in the Philippines this year.  

Back to cooking, one of her Filipino recipe is called “Kumeh’s Pinapaitan” named after our respected elder at PPP e-group retired General Jose Comendador.


gen. kumeh's pinapaitan

gen. kumeh's pinapaitan

Just yesterday a “Breaded Tilapia” and “Breaded Steamed Tilapia with Vegetables” was made dedicated to the honorable member of our group, former U.P. Professor Ceasar Torres.

To my friend Nitz, I hope that in the near future there will be a recipe named “Bonga” or maybe “Flying Bonga”. 

To those who loves to cook, you can visit this link “Anita’s Kitchen“.


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