Just around the Corner

My comment to Perryscope entry  “OFW on the road to Empowerment”

OFW Empowerment is just around the corner

Malou Fernandez article was just like an issue of the proposed OFW taxation and the plan transfer of OWWA fund to government-controlled bank, where it spark and made a loud boom like a detonated bomb from a suicide bomber in Tikrit, Iraq. The roaring voice of disagreement from OFWs to the mentioned plan echoes around the four corners of the globe. Result – it dies even before it started.  “Mabuhay ang OFWs”.

But start talking about politics and OFW political empowerment, nobody will react, no emotions, as if late Bert Tawa Marcelo’s famous movie “WANAKOSEY” in Philippine dialect “Tamimi”. Why? It is because politics to all of us Filipinos is dirty and we can’t deny it.

What happen to our country now is just like a cancer that cannot be cured. Our Government is governed by the same politicians, people who can manipulate the lives of other people through the power of money and influence.

Immigrants in U.S.

Immigrants in U.S.

WE heard it, we feel it, and we saw it in front of our very own eyes and how come we OF/ OFWs ignore these? Is it because we are not there (at home)? Is it because you are an immigrant or an overseas Filipinos who enjoy the customs, traditions and the life of the country you live in? Or You are an OFW in Saudi Arabia or a seaman who believes that if your family back home eat three times a day, owned a big house and an expensive car  “KALIWALI” (never mind) what happen to our country.

NO! Whether we like it or not, an Overseas Filipinos and OFWs are part of Philippine politics. We are Filipinos in thoughts, in words and in deeds. “Kayumangi ang kulay natin”  we can’t deny nor hide our true identity wherever we may be.

We can’t ignore what happening within the community and our beloved country, because deep inside we feel the sacrifices and struggles of the poorest of the poor Filipinos. We feel the pain of our Filipina Household Service Workers, maltreated and raped in the dessert land of the Middle East.

If you feel all those mentioned above, then you are a Filipino.

What we need is to act and set things our country towards the right direction. And only the power of the 8 Million Overseas Filipinos and families at home is the answer to all of these anxieties. We need change and that changes must start from us.

Mr. Victor Barrios is one of the 8 Million Overseas Filipinos who believed that a Global Filipino Coalition could change our country from turmoil, corruption and injustice. We OFWs in KSA and around the globe believes that it is about time to empower ourselves towards a new beginning.

An e-group was formed to discuss a possible creation of an OFW-led Political Party. We call it “Partidong Pandaigdigang Pilipino“, PPP in short, where we consolidate our opinions, heard our different views and would probably come up into a cohesive foundation in the formation of a powerful Philippine political party in 2010.

We are very grateful to those who respond so promptly in this urgent call and it shows a great responsibility and challenge to all of those who believed that unity after all is not too elusive to attain.  The formation of PPP gives a new growth in our own sense of unity. As the time goes on, we will learn that this unity will hold us together even in the midst of diverse opinions and variety of ideas. ### BongA


there you are!

there you are!

OFW Political Empowerment

is just around the corner ready to explode.


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