dine with old close friends

A long time family friend invited us yesterday in their “family get together” and his grandson birthday at Blue Water Beach, Maribago, Lapu Lapu City. Though at first we felt uncomfortable because I, my wife and my daughter are just an outsider on the said occasion, but were very happy knowing that our old friend never changed since I’ve known them for many years now. They’re still very accommodating despite of their status in life in the political arena particularly here in Cebu.

with Alang-Alang Councilman Marianito "Aning" Soon

with Alangalang Councilman Marianito “Aning” Soon

Actually we communicate each other even I’m busy doing a living away from home, I always texted them when there is special occasion such as Christmas, Fiestas, Birthday’s and even when someone from their family passed away. Whenever I arrived from KSA, I always visit them as a sign of respect to the renowned and beloved personalities in Mandaue City and Lapu Lapu City respectively.

I am talking about the Soon-Ruiz family of Mandaue City, Cebu. Their elder sister Congresswoman Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, “Inday Nerry” to her constituents is currently the Cebu’s 6th District representative in Congress. Actually, my close friends in their family is the former City Councilor of Mandaue City, Mr. Noel “Kiwi” Soon and the just concluded barangay election 3rd termer Barangay Councilor of Alang Alang Mr. Marianito “Aning” Soon. (The three  “Soon” I mentioned are siblings of the late Dr. Toto Soon).

Me (wearing CMA Center for Migrant Advocacy Tshirt) and former Mandaue City Councilman and Vice Mayor Noel "Kiwi" Soon

Me (wearing CMA Center for Migrant Advocacy Tshirt) and now my Kumpare former Mandaue City Councilman Noel “Kiwi” Soon (wearing white t-shirt)

We arrived in the beach and we were able to shake hands with the honorable Congresswoman “Inday Nerry”. Unfortunately she was busy in her lunch at that time, the reason I was not able to chat with her until she leaves bringing her mother home, the behalf of the late Dr. Restituto “Mano Toto” Soon known as “Mandaue’s Gentle Physician“, the once very popular personality in Mandaue and former acting Mandaue City Mayor after Martial Law.

Maybe in some other time I would discuss with her the plight of our OFWs; Inday Neri was the former Committee OFW Affairs Vice Chair in the last 13th Congress.

I wonder to myself if the family members in the circle especially the youths and the little ones playing around the beach would follow the footsteps of their grandlolo and Inday Nerry. Knowing that my friend Kiwi quits politics and Aning told me that he will stay in barangay where he can concentrate his time to serve the people in his turf.

Me ( in Soon-Ruiz cap) and my wife Minda "Vilma" Amora

Me ( in Soon-Ruiz cap) and my wife Minda “Vilma” Amora

My thoughts ended up answered because a new breed of the “Soon’s” is now ready to embark the political scene the family has been into. A very young but I considered “malayo pa ang mararating” the newly elected Sanguniang Kabataan in his area SK Chairman Gian Soon Gobalani (now Mandaue SK CHAIRMAN).

The untarnished record of the “Soon-Ruiz” in the political field really admires me and they are my model politicians for all these years.

my wife and daughter Angel

my wife and daughter Angel

Try to ask an ordinary employee, tricycle drivers, fish vendors, parents and even businessmen in Mandaue City and Lapu Lapu City, “Inday Nerry” Soon Ruiz is always the name for Congress representing District 6 of Cebu.

Last night I texted my friend Kiwi and Aning to say many thanks for the warm welcome they provided to us with a quote that follows: “IT IS NOT WHAT ONE SAYS; BUT RATHER WHAT ONE DOES THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD“.

Thanks again my friends.