By Doods A. Amora, PEE

THE MORNING AFTER (Friday, Oct 26, 2007)

A clear beautiful Friday morning finally came and we were all ready for the day. We were joined by Noralyn, a Filipina from Manila who was once a TV commercial model and Sharmaine, a beauty from Sri Lanka. Like my daughter Kitty, Noralyn and Sharmaine are now functioning as Cabin Crew of Qatar Airways.

Kitty then announced that she would be treating us to a surprise respite in a cool breezy place called Genting Highlands.

“Highlands…? You mean, bukid, bundok?” I asked because opposite to my intentions, my own map was to go direct to the Petronas Towers and conquer her. But this time it’s not for me to complain. Kitty was the ‘secretary-general’ pre-arranging our itinerary and the ‘finance officer’ paying for the bills in this trip. Besides, the trip package & tickets had already been purchased the day ahead. 

We were seven then, so we needed two teksi’s to bring us to the Central Station.

We hurried as we needed to catch the 9:30 morning bus to the highlands; otherwise, the trip would be ruined. But a second taxi was difficult to find in such peak traffic hours in a financial district, so the four of us, puro bagong salta, went ahead.

The taxi driver, sensing that we were first-timer tourists and knowing that there’s a bus to catch, pulled out his bag of tricks. Acting as a tourist guide, he gave details on what we saw along the way, what the landmarks are all about and the important edifices & personalities in Malaysia.

We realized he did not flag down the meter and when prompted, he said, “Walang problema”, nag Tagalog, pa! When we reached the Central Station, he concluded for RM20 (a favorite figure among taxi drivers in KL). A brief debate ensued but we gave in, anyway. It was not good for our health and the bus on schedule was already beckoning us. The bus, this time was more important than the taxi driver.

Charge to experience… this will never happen again, we promised. Later, we were advised that before taking a free-lance taxi, it should be made clear whether flag-down or un-metered. Para bagang sa Manila, e, “contrata”?

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