Gov. Ed Needs our Prayers

I was in Saudi Arabia when I heard that a servant of God won the election in Pampanga. A miracle I should say and the signal to a new beginning in the Philippine Politics. The province of Pampanga was dominated by the local ruling elite that include the Arroyo’s, Guiao’s, Pineda’s and the Lapid’s.

Luid Ka

Luid Ka


The mere fact that he won the election against an ingrained political elite allied with the Arroyo’s is a proof that it is God’s will. The God’s gracious hands are the shining armor of this political neophyte to serve and save the province from corruption; with hope and prayers that good governance under his tenure will prevail and other leaders would follow.

The just recently Malacanang Cash Gifts exposed by Gov. Ed Panlilio gives the citizenry a light of hope that public service can be honorable in the absence of gold and guns. In the first place he won the election significantly without buying any single vote (see Democracy and our Votes). It is an example that the Filipino people are matured and intelligent enough in choosing a public servant that can govern our country with transparency and accountability.

Now, his enemies bowed to prevent him from continuing his vow of good governance – he needs our prayers and join us campaigning and supporting good governance in Pampanga.


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