New Political Party is Born By Joe Avancena Saudi Gazette

Filipino community leaders in Riyadh drafted the constitution and by-laws of a new political party earlier this month.

The party is envisioned to represent the over eight million overseas Filipino workers around the world in the Philippine congress and government.
Called the Partidong Pandaigdigang Pilipino (PPP-Worldwide Political party for the Overseas Filipinos), the draft was presented for ratification during the four-day Global Filipino Nation International Conference on May 8-11 held at the University of Makati, Metro Manila.

The conference was attended by an estimated 10,000 clusters of overseas Filipino leaders from all over the world.

Alex Veloso Bello, president of the OFW Congress and board chairman of the PPP Riyadh board of trustees, presented the working draft of the new political party during the conference.

Thirty five community leaders from Riyadh, Jeddah and Eastern Province attended the conference.

After the ratification of its constitutions and by-laws, PPP will be registered with the Philippine Commission on Election.

The PPP will be like the existing national political parties in the Philippines that participate in elections.

It will also focus its mandate for proper representation of OFWs in government agencies like the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

The PPP is expected to participate in the 2010 Philippine national election and will be fielding its candidates from local to the national level of political positions.

The PPP was born out of frustration of OFWs who had been long denied of representation in the Philippine congress and in the general body politics in the Philippines.

The over eight million OFWs and their estimated 20 million families and dependents are considered strong voting blocs.

The draft of the PPP constitution and by-laws were penned and approved by the following PPP-Riyadh Chapter members, namely, Dr. Carlito Astillero, Alex Veloso Bello, Francis Oca, Manuel Amora, Joey Badong, Francisco Naval, Bioux Manilum, Abdullah Ronnie Ulip, Abdulaziz Virgula, Dante Villaflores, Ed Estrada, Pete Vicuna, Macario Escober, Cayetano Aloboyog, Roberto Barreto, Madid Alonto, Faizal Sarque, Manuel Morden, Abdulgaafar Dimalotang, Cenon Sagadal, Jr., Romeo Sinamban, Robert Ramos, Ricardo Roda, Jun Nacion, Engr. Allan Macabangkit, Saleh Ampaso Bucay, Dante Pangcoga, Mohd. Elias Mua, Rene Esperanzate, and Michael Dimalotang.

The drafted constitution and by-laws of the PPP provided wide-ranging support programs for OFWs, such as their representation in legislative branch of the government, promotion of their civil, social and economic, and safety in their jobsites.


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