Dear All,

We have now successfully launched ANITA’S KITCHEN under all you have to do is google search – NITZKITCHEN.COM

Bong Amora and I proudly present to the whole world, THE GLOBAL KITCHEN that will cater to all ages, creeds and religion, all people of colors without discrimination. Please feel at home, and enjoy the Filipino-American hospitality. As usual, as in most Filipino Homes, we invite you to take your shoes off, sleepers are provided, go to the reception room for a cup of delicious Tea with Ginger, Lemongrass and Honey. Listen to the music, the sultry, bedroom voice of Charmaine Clamor, she breaths life into the song, and relax and your friendly hostess will lead you to the DINING ROOM.

While in the KITCHEN, join Anita by going to our HOME PAGE and learn about your HOSTESS, and go to ABOUT US and read the introductions of two very dear civic minded friends of mine, who support the advocacies of Anita. We , of course feature recipes from the country, but will also answer to all your requests for food extraordinaire. We are open for any discussions and if you enjoy the visit please sign our COFFEE TABLE BOOK.

Please feel at home at ANITA’S KITCHEN.

Deliciously yours with the smell of Filipino Cuisine,

Anita Sese-Schon
State of Washington
Serving Filipinos Worldwide through Strategic Alliances



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