Diplomat Ako OFW lang Kayo

Online GMAnews.TV reported that Department of Labor and Employment official urged overseas Filipino workers to expose discourteous Philippine embassy and labor personnel in their work sites so that they may be punished.

Wow! A GOOD news! A lot of them in the Philippine Mission abroad. It’s about time to expose and name those “insensitive, rude, discourteous and arrogant” diplomat “kono” manning government agencies that are supposed to look for the welfare and protection of our fellow OFWs.

But how about a word coming from the mouth of a top diplomat telling OFW “Diplomat Ako, OFW lang kayo!” would it be a valid cause for immediate dismissal? Maybe a new posting will do.

"FBack Off"

"FBack Off"


In this photo during ZTE hearing at Philippine Senate, De Venecia said that Mike Arroyo approached him and with a finger that was about “two inches from his nose,” told him to “back off.”

It is just like Diplomat Ako, OFW lang Kayo!”


2 thoughts on “Diplomat Ako OFW lang Kayo

  1. Hi Elmer! Good Day! Thank you for dropping by despite of your busy hours out there. Yes, not all from DFA, there are also from POLO & OWWA, etc. who are also Diplomats, shall we say.

    If the OFW decides to complain and put it into writing then we will let the public know. Hopefully, you and USEC Seguis will be the first one to know. Thanks again.

  2. Comment below is taken from Facebook:
    I agree. There is no room for discorteous diplomats in the foreign service. As a former OFW, I believe that our diplomats should be sensitive to the needs of the more than 8 million overseas Filipinos. However, as a diplomat, I also hope that our OFWs would understand that we are also human and could not be expected to address all their requirement… Read Mores upon demand. It should also be made clear that our diplomats abroad are not all from the Department of Foreign Affairs but belong to other agencies of the government as well. Who is this ranking diplomat who made the remark?

    Elmer Cato
    Department of Foreign Affairs
    Republic of the Philippines,
    Second Secretary, Philippine Mission to the United Nations

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