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Announcement : CPA Review



To our kababayans who want to take the CPA review this coming March 2009 here in Saudi Arabia. PICPA Riyadh chapter will have review class that will commence on October 31, 2008.

Please coordinate to Mr. Ting T. Tañagras – PICPA-Riyadh President with email address: for more details.

Caregiver, Millionaire

OFW Journalism Consortium

I WILL never forget Edward Fabish; he made me rich.

I never thought things would turn out this way. Eight years ago, I was working as a stenographer at the Manila Prosecutors’ Office in City Hall.

When I left my job, my bosses –all prosecutors, my colleagues, and fellow stenographers never thought I would take the job of a caregiver. They said I was not the type.
An officemate warned me not to take the job of caring for the elderly because I might become intellectually obtuse.

They learned three years after I set foot in the United States of America that I became a millionaire.

I didn’t know I was the talk of the town until I got back in the country and someone told me people from my workplace were talking about my luck. News, indeed, travel fast.

But what happened to me, I guess, changed their prejudices on menial jobs, like caregiving.

I also never planned on being a caregiver.

to read more please click link:  Caregiver, Millionaire

Reward – A Sword


Reward – A Sword

Overseas Filipino workers should be aware that  in Saudi Arabia  it is not worth risking your life for just a one second  of  wrath.  Taking someone life means you pay your  own life too.



Yesterday another Filipino was beheaded in Saudi Arabia for killing a Saudi national. OFW Jenifer Bidoya a.k.a. Venancio Ladion was executed in Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which those convicted of murder, drug trafficking, rape and armed robbery are executed in public with a sword.

There are number of Filipinos  in the death row awaiting to be beheaded due to a mere anger that leads them to kill others.

The Punisher Sword

The Punisher Sword

Though there are stories that could not be pointed out as murder but we should be aware that an ordinary neglect of duty could lead you to death penalty. The story of   a 19-year-old Sri Lankan girl is pleading for her life after a Saudi Arabian court sentenced her to death by beheading.  The court found Rizana Nafeek, 19, a maid who according to the authorities has no child care training was found with a dead 4 month old baby under her care.

Another Juvenile  charge offender  Dhahian Rakan al-Sibai’i  was sentenced to death in Taif  last year for a murder he was accused of committing when he was just 15 years old.

But many of them in Death Row were sentenced because of murder.

In early month of 2008 an  Indonesian housemaid has been beheaded by sword in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of killing her female employer. Yanti Sukardi was executed in the south-western province of Assir after she was found guilty of strangling her Saudi employer as she slept and stealing her jewelry.

It was the second execution announced in Saudi Arabia in 2008, after a year in which a record number of people were put to death. A total of 153 people were executed in 2007 in the kingdom, which applies a strict version of sharia, or Islamic law.

A Canadian has been found guilty of murder in Saudi Arabia and sentenced to beheading. Mohamed Kohail, a 23-year-old Montrealer who has been living temporarily in Saudi Arabia, was convicted of killing an 18-year-old student in a schoolyard brawl in the city.

How many of them, fellow Filipinos are in Death Rows?

Our Government are doing their best to interfere the implementation of their death sentences. However this move could not be consider as assurance that the sentence will be commuted to life in prison or freedom. The only hope is the forgiveness  from the victims family that count most.

According to  Director General of Prisons Gen. Dr. Ali Al-Harthi in an interview with Arab News correspondent Mahmood Ahmad says; “I would like to increase awareness; that is to say, awareness among people not to let their anger lead them into killing others. It is not worth risking your life for one moment of blind fury. We must be patient and not allow the devil to drive us to murder.”  *** BongA

eXYZ Band

Arnel Pineda is one of the many OFWs who embark into the world of music. Now he and his band loved by most music lovers around the world.

In Middle East countries particularly in Saudi Arabia, group of OFWs are in the making to become famous and one of them in Riyadh. Introducing – The  eXYZ band.

eXYZ Band

eXYZ Band


The powerful rock quintet is composed of the very talented keyboardist Rodel, guitar wizard Chris, rock-solid drummer Bhong, energetic bass player Francis, and the talented singer Bob.

eXYZ sound is inspired by a wide spectrum of genres unified into one, making it powerful enough to capture a wider audience. The group displays their love for alternative, rock ballads, new rock, grunge, soul, and funk, and continues to explore more.

Band Members
Rodel on Keyboards
Bhong on Drums
Chris on Lead Guitars
Francis on Bass
Bob Francis Oca on Vocals


You can watch them by clicking below link on YOU Tube.


Nasipitnon-KSA, International elect new sets of Officers

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 4 October 2008 – NKSAI known as Nasipitnon-Ksa International, a hometown organization of OFWs based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia elect their new sets of Officers and Members of the Board for the Year 2008-2009.

NKSAI is chapter group of NASIPITNON INTERNATIONAL, a hometown organization with chapters worldwide.

Nasipitnon-KSA, International was formed Year of 2007 in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an accredited community partner of the Philippine Embassy.

Nasipitnon-KSA, International is a hometown association with the following objectives: To foster mutual understanding and unity among its members (town mates); promote, preserve and contribute whatsoever the organization decide for the progress of their hometown Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte; stimulate their interest about Nasipit, its historical- cultural heritage; promote projects geared towards improving the quality of life of the towns poorest of the poor especially the school children and instill their children desirable Filipino values and Nasipitnon strong religious beliefs and traditions; To encourage cooperation, establish camaraderie among Nasipitnon wherever they may be. To work with the Philippine government in Saudi Arabia or its attached agencies for the protection and welfare of Nasipitnon Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and their beneficiaries.

The group donated school supplies and educational needs to remote areas of their barangays and their future project is to acquire a land and finance a construction of a subdivision in an affordable price intended for its members located in the town itself.

The following are the 2008-2009 NKSAI Officers. 

President : Enrico “Cocoy” Casil

Vice President : Manuel Amora

Secretary : Teodolo “Jun” Exclamador

Treasurer : Jerry Dela Cruz

Auditor: Marive Maturan

PRO : Alejandro “Dong” Come

Sgt: At Arms : Marlon Danuco, Marlo Rante, Garry Butch Granada

Members of the Board:

Chairman : Enrico “Cocoy” Casil

Vice Chair : Manuel Amora


Teodolo “Jun” Exclamador, Jerry Dela Cruz, Marive Maturan, Alejandro “Dong” Come, Manny Pasinio, Jhun Redoble, Emma Malimit, Dante Jaramillo, Rodger Gultiano, Gerry Espinosa, Mafe Ester Guno, Nejean Daabay, Susan Ranario 

The election was successfully conducted last October 2, 2008 during the NKSAI Nasipit Fiesta Celebration at Dong Come Residence here in Riyadh, KSA. 

Former President and founder Manuel Amora in his opening remarks was thankful to the members for their untiring support in recognition to the success of NKSAI continued undertakings for their beloved hometown. 

Certificate of Membership signed by Nasipit Town Mayor Roy Doyon were distributed during the program proper. 

The group received a text message from the Mayor and a call was made to officially recognize the new set of NKSAI Officers for the Year 2008-2009.

Hon. Mayor Roy Doyon was very thankful to the group in their concern for the good of their town mates and continued support of his leadership.