eXYZ Band

Arnel Pineda is one of the many OFWs who embark into the world of music. Now he and his band loved by most music lovers around the world.

In Middle East countries particularly in Saudi Arabia, group of OFWs are in the making to become famous and one of them in Riyadh. Introducing – The  eXYZ band.

eXYZ Band

eXYZ Band


The powerful rock quintet is composed of the very talented keyboardist Rodel, guitar wizard Chris, rock-solid drummer Bhong, energetic bass player Francis, and the talented singer Bob.

eXYZ sound is inspired by a wide spectrum of genres unified into one, making it powerful enough to capture a wider audience. The group displays their love for alternative, rock ballads, new rock, grunge, soul, and funk, and continues to explore more.

Band Members
Rodel on Keyboards
Bhong on Drums
Chris on Lead Guitars
Francis on Bass
Bob Francis Oca on Vocals


You can watch them by clicking below link on YOU Tube.




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