Caregiver, Millionaire

OFW Journalism Consortium

I WILL never forget Edward Fabish; he made me rich.

I never thought things would turn out this way. Eight years ago, I was working as a stenographer at the Manila Prosecutors’ Office in City Hall.

When I left my job, my bosses –all prosecutors, my colleagues, and fellow stenographers never thought I would take the job of a caregiver. They said I was not the type.
An officemate warned me not to take the job of caring for the elderly because I might become intellectually obtuse.

They learned three years after I set foot in the United States of America that I became a millionaire.

I didn’t know I was the talk of the town until I got back in the country and someone told me people from my workplace were talking about my luck. News, indeed, travel fast.

But what happened to me, I guess, changed their prejudices on menial jobs, like caregiving.

I also never planned on being a caregiver.

to read more please click link:  Caregiver, Millionaire


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