Global Bisayan Entrepreneur (GLOBE) Multi Purpose Cooperative


I was invited last Friday by William R. Jao, a fellow Boholano from Tubigon in a get together meeting of Global Bisayan Entrepreneur (GLOBE) Multi Purpose Cooperative.  GLOBE is a group of OFW’s hails from Visayas and Mindanao who collectively tightened the bonds of helping each other forming  a Cooperative that could ensure promising prospect when they decide to go home for good. They start the “banana” project where they market “Golden Saba” here in the Kingdom.    

The Primary objectives for which this Cooperative is formed are:   

a.   To encourage thrift and savings mobilization among the members for capital formation;

b.   To create funds in order to grant loans for productive and providential purposes to its members; 

c.   To encourage among members systematic production and planning;

d.   To provide goods and services and other requirements of the members;

e.   To develop business expertise and skills among its members;

f.   To engage in all forms of general and allied services needed to promote, protect and pursue the social and economic upliftment of its members; 

g.  To insure against losses of the members;

h.  To promote and advance the economic, social and economic educational status of the members; 

i.   To establish, own, lease or operate cooperative banks, cooperative wholesale and retail complexes, insurance and agricultural/industrial processing enterprises, and public markets;

j.  To coordinate and facilitate the activities of the cooperatives, and to undertake any and all other activities for the effective and efficient implementation of the provisions of Cooperative Code of The Philippines (RA 6938); 


GLOBE MEmbership Meeting

GLOBE MEmbership Meeting


During the meeting proper, we discussed the pros and cons of cooperativism where many OFW Cooperative groups formed by our fellow OFWs in the Kingdom fails to pursue the long term success of the Cooperative.  

It is important to identify the keys towards the success of its operation and understanding the causes of cooperative failures. 

It was also discussed during the meeting the importance how changes in various means of finance can affect member control and influence in their cooperative owned businesses in the near future.   

The Global Bisayan Entrepreneur (GLOBE) Multi Purpose Cooperative is duly registered with Cooperative Development Authority and all their members attended the Pre-Education Membership Seminar (PMES) conducted by the Overseas Filipino Workers Cooperative Council.  OFWCC is an umbrella organization of Cooperative based in Jeddah, KSA whose members are accredited CDA lecturer.  

To: William Jao, Romy Cometa, Rino Punay and to those I forgot the names, THANK You so much and see you this coming Friday. Mabuhay ang GLOBE!


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