The Paintings of Gene Loyola

“Realisms  not only a detailed of drawing and composition or form of  colors, temperature warmness, cool define and abstract of element that we feel and see in our naked eye  but this is the concrete essence of  Truth  that conquered  the wholeness of reality”

Gene Villaflor de Loyola

"Nena" Artist : Gene Villaflor de Loyola



Gene Villaflor de Loyola born on September 10, 1956 in Naga City, Camarines Sur, and Philippines.He is the second of eight children of a World War II Veteran Osmundo B. de Loyola Sr. and Leonida V. Villaflor. Married to Teresita A. Dequina of Roxas City. They have four lovely daughters who are all inclined to arts. The eldest Racquel, second is Maan, third is Soraya and the youngest is Clarissa.


Gene started drawing at a tender age of four. When he was six years old, he was introduced by his Father to Mr. Broulio Roman Dayao, who happened to be their neighbor in Frisco, Quezon City. Mr. Dayao, is a graduate of UP Fine arts, He is a very good artist doing landscape and portraiture. De Loyola was so impressed with the maestro that almost everyday from school, he would proceeds to the studio of Mr. Dayao to watch him paint. He was so impressed with the paintings that one day he requested the maestro to teach him, and the artist was more than willing share his knowledge of the arts. He was tough first how to use watercolors and other mediums. At age 7 the first oil painting that he did was copy of Russian scientist of a known Russian master, which belongs to a collection of Hermitage Leningrad Museum.

To read more about the artist click link : “The Paintings of Gene Loyola”  @ Anita’s Kitchen


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