The Pacman Vs. The Hitman



He sees a glimpse of the crowd cheering him – but same faces of his countrymen, the good men, the bad men, the politicians of all sorts included, the rich, the poor; all extending their arms begging him for a life to be lived. Then he hears sounds resonating agreeably to the ears – pleasingly getting louder and louder. Then he sees the outlines of the Filipino people some 95 million of them, all over the world, praying and saying:
“We need your victory Manny, at least for this moment that we are one”…
The confrontation is still sneaking weeks away, but the brewing tension of a fierce combat smells irresistibly towards one hell of a war. There’ll be non-stop action. We will witness blood flowing – lots of them, and someone will fall down.

Congrats Agaw Lilio Jr.

ADMU law students always on top of the list in every Bar Exams results. Like my former bosses when I was still working in a Law Firm in Makati, all of them were bar topnochers. Again, 2008 bar results showed 5 of ADMU’s examinees  captured the magic 10.

Also, my warm congratulations to my agaw sano Atty. Lilio J. Amora, Jr. from Guindulman, Bohol.  A son of  a former municipal Judge and Mayor in Guindulman.

To all 2008 Bar Passers, CONGRATULATIONS!

To view the names of our country’s new counsels, please click 2008 Bar Exams: Congratulations to the 1,310 who Passed .

To my Kumpare Atty. Fred Pamaos, Thanks for the entry!