Congrats Agaw Lilio Jr.

ADMU law students always on top of the list in every Bar Exams results. Like my former bosses when I was still working in a Law Firm in Makati, all of them were bar topnochers. Again, 2008 bar results showed 5 of ADMU’s examinees  captured the magic 10.

Also, my warm congratulations to my agaw sano Atty. Lilio J. Amora, Jr. from Guindulman, Bohol.  A son of  a former municipal Judge and Mayor in Guindulman.

To all 2008 Bar Passers, CONGRATULATIONS!

To view the names of our country’s new counsels, please click 2008 Bar Exams: Congratulations to the 1,310 who Passed .

To my Kumpare Atty. Fred Pamaos, Thanks for the entry!


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