“In Everything I have GOD”

“In Everything I have GOD”

 Some people especially those who are in distance with God believe that there is no hope when trials and persecutions comes their lives.

Just recently, I encountered a very difficult problem that I can say; it could cause life and death for me and my family.

At the age of 20 I was already away from home and separated from my parents and the whole family. I went to Manila for the first time and landed in different kind of jobs to fill my empty stomach just to prove to my family then that I can stand all alone. Fresh graduate from college, I worked  as a waiter, bartender, janitor, clerk, messenger and a Para legal officer.

I decided to live alone at a very young age because at that time I felt unloved. Young ones when scolded from their parents, older brothers and sisters felt that they’re unloved. I remember looking accusingly at my parents and brothers declaring, “You don’t love me!” Then comes a time that I realized that sometimes love can’t be seen by action nor be heard in words but deep inside in their hearts there is LOVE.

This was a clear expression of unconditional love. Unconditional love is an essential force in each of our lives. We all need this kind of love, not only in our families, but throughout our communities, and, ultimately, in our relationship with God.

Just a few weeks ago, I had an experience related to unconditional love and support from my brothers and sister, sister in-law and brother in-law. These burdens have been haunting me for almost 2 years thinking that I’m mighty enough to conquer the world but I was mistaken.  At first I decided not to ask help from anyone but my problem goes deeper and deeper and felt no one could I turn to.

helping+hand_0.previewJust to realize that they’re all there for me, extending their helping hands, providing me word of wisdom, giving me strength that I could stand to all my anxieties and worries in life. 

As my brother Bebot reminds me that “WE DON’T LIVE by BREAD ALONE” and “I can give you my prayers only. I know God will help you.”

GOD works in our lives if you ask His guidance and grace with meekness and humility. God loves us and never forsake us. The ultimate exemplar of that everlasting bond is you and God.


We are all sinners but God does not hate us for these sins. True, our actions have distanced us from God. He will only knock our heart and reminds us that we can change our ways. We can bridge the distance that our actions have placed between us and God. God might not have approved of what we did. God may not even like us very much right now. But God is ready and waiting to have us close once again. God has always loved us. God will always love each and every one of us, unconditionally.

Sadly, many people are not able to feel so loved by their parents, brothers, sisters and even our partners (boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives). It may not be seen in words and actions but deep from the bottom of their heart, they love us. But most of all I feel blessed to experience God’s unconditional love myself.  I am privileged to be here a witness, providing testimony of my faith. To be honest, my ability to feel God’s love does not come from my religion or from my knowledge as a believer. It comes from being loved, unconditionally, by my own parents, brothers and sister. 

To my friends who are there with me in times of troubles, thank you So much! God made you an instrument for me to move on.

By: Bong Amora

“In every fall I rise, in every storm I have blue skies, in my tribulations I am triumphant and in everything I have God.”  DAAJR


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