26 Filipinos arrested for possessing fake papers in Dammam

Wednesday, 15 July 2009,  DAMMAM – Twenty-six Filipinos were arrested by local police over the weekend in two separate raids held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for possessing fake documents, the Philippine embassy in Riyadh reported.

Local authorities found out that those arrested possessed fake marriage contracts and “iqama” or resident certificates. Last Thursday, eight couples were arrested when police found them drinking inside a flat. An irked neighbor tipped off the authorities because of the noise, an informant identified only as Becka told ABS-CBN.

Fake marriages and giving refuge to workers who fled from their employers are serious offenses which carry a penalty of imprisonment, lashes and excessive fines if found guilty. - Ambassador Antonio Villamor

Fake marriages and giving refuge to workers who fled from their employers are serious offenses which carry a penalty of imprisonment, lashes and excessive fines if found guilty. - Ambassador Antonio Villamor

Becka said that two of those arrested were her co-workers at a ladies shop in Dammam. One is a master-cutter and the other one is a beautician.  “All sixteen of them got arrested, eight men and eight women. Of those arrested, two are my workmates,”Becka said. Due to the arrest of her two co-workers, Becka said their employer temporarily closed their shop. Becka fears that she might also lose her income if the dress shop will not be reopened soon. Becka told ABS-CBN that she only learned about the arrest on Friday morning.

“My friends called me while inside the prison asking to transfer celfone loads so that they can call their families back in the Philippines. I have been in constant contact with them because I am also worried their situation,”  she said. The eight couples, as Becka was told by her friend, were planning to go night swimming on Thursday. They were busy preparing their food which they will bring to the beach when the police came. At first they were apparently caught drinking liquor. Becka said her friends denied this during their telephone conversation. When the police asked for their identification, some of those arrested ere caught having fake marriage contracts and iqama.

Becka said the Filipinos fear they may be charged with prostitution.  “My friend said its not true that they were doing something wrong. They were just preparing for the picnic. However, it was a big mistake that they planned to go out in the evening,”Becka said.

Immorality - Fake Marriage

Immorality - Fake Marriage

Meanwhile, 10 more Filipinos were arrested also last Saturday night. Labor attache  David Dicang admitted that five more couples were arrested for having also fake marriage contracts. Dicang said that the local authorities are currently conducting saturation drives to stop the illegal activities of expatriates, particularly those who do not have work permits or resident certificates. This, however, also led to the arrest of couples who have fake marriage contracts. But according to the labor attache, they have yet to receive the formal reports from the local police. He already sent his staff to get the names of those arrested and the charges filed against them.  “Some of them are runaways, and some have fake marriage contracts. So these might be the cases to be filed against them. One couple who got arrested do have legal documents. However, they may be charged of harboring illegal workers or harboring runaways,”Dicang said.

Ambassador Antonio Villamor instructed Dicang to closely monitor on the situation of the 26 Filipinos arrested and to give them the required assistance. Villamor again reiterated that Filipinos in the kingdom must abide with the laws and regulations of the host country. He said that the embassy noticed an increasing number of OFWs being caught and incarcerated due to illegal activities.  “As guest workers in the kingdom, we are not only expected but are obliged to follow and respect the laws and regulation being enforced by the Saudi authorities,” Villamor said. The ambassador stressed that fake marriages and giving refuge to workers who fled from their employers are serious offenses which carry a penalty of imprisonment, lashes and excessive fines if found guilty.

By DINAN ARANA  ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau

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14 thoughts on “26 Filipinos arrested for possessing fake papers in Dammam

  1. Sir, tanong lang po.. kasi po yung friend ko meron siyang naging girlfriend sa dammam pero yung girl is unfortunately married na sa pinas pero matagal na panahon na! at hindi narin sila nagsasama noong dating asawa nya pero wala parin sila legal annulnment papers..and gusto po nila mag pakasal ng friend ko, possible po ba na maikasal ulit sila sa saudi? kahit na kasal na yung babae before? ano po ba pwede natin i suggest sa kanila? kasi nagmamahalan po sila at gusto talaga nila maikasal kaya lang may problema sa side nung babae! at isa pa siyempre hindi rin po sila allowed na mag pakasal sa pinas kasi nga hindi pa annul yung babae. sabi ng friend ko if magpakasal daw sila sa embassy ng dammam eh nag aalangan naman daw po siya kasi baka ma convert naman daw po sila as muslim? totoo po ba yun? kasi po kung yun lang ang last option nila eh wala po sila ibang choice kesa naman hindi po gumamit sila ng fake paper? tama po ba? ano po ba ang ma i ssugest natin sa friend ko? Thanks po


    • Kung matagal nag hindi nagsama or nagkita or wala ng komunikasyon ang babae at asawa niya, ito po ay nangangahulugang may pag-asa na mapadali ang annulment kung mag apply sila sa Pinas. Ito lamang po ang pinakamagandang option para maging legal ang pag-sasama ng babvae at bago niyang BF. Sa option na ito, wala pong risk at makakatulog po silang mahimbing na walang daga or kaba sa dibdib at malaya nilang gawin ang lahat.

  2. I am so much interested po dito sa case ng friend ko kasi a few months back, may feature sa isang public affairs and news show about children of OFWs na unregistered at di madala sa Pilipinas. It is so unfortunate that these children suffer such consequences of his/her parents’ act. Kaso if it is indeed tolerated at walang crackdown sa fake marriages na yan or nakakalusot ipa-register ang fake marriages sa Embassy, then the proliferation of such children is sure to happen. Thank you po.

  3. Sir, ask ko lang po how is it possible na married ang asawa ng friend ko sa Riyadh when married sila nung husband niya dito sa Pilipinas. The woman to whom her husband is married there claims they have papers na legal sa KSA at dito lang sa atin illegal. Is that being tolerated talaga kasi registered daw po sila sa Embassy. How can we verify that when the husband admitted the affair but not the marriage pero the woman sent their pictures sa wife pa. Can we verify sa Embassy and report yung name lang ng husband kasi ayaw nito ibigay yung name ng asawa niya sa Riyadh? Please help.

    • If it is being tolerated with our Embassy, e di lahat na tayo dito sa KSA magtampisaw sa apoy na naglalagablab dahil sa bawal na Pagibig.

      I’m sure may papel sila pero peke at hindi galing sa ating Embassy.

      He he! mukhang LOLA yong other woman, taray pa at nakuha pang magpadala ng pix sa tunay na asawa. Grabe na talaga ngayon ang mundo, baligtad na. Anyway, you can verify by visiting our Consular Office at the Embassy or Consulate. Dalhin mo ang lahat ng detalye tungkol sa iyong sulat. Malalaman naman yan dahil naka rehistro sa Consular Office ang lahat ng mga ikinasal na OFW dito sa KSA. Kung wala, ibig sabihin sa RECTO-KSA ginawa ang mga papel nila.

  4. Sir, ask ko lang papano po ba malalaman kung fake or totoo ang isang marriage cert. madali po ba ito malalaman? kasi po yung friend ko nasa saudi siya meron sila fake marriage cert. nagsasama na po sila doon gamit yung fake documents nila, at ano po ang policy at punishment kapag nalaman na fake yung papel nila?

    • Kung sa Pilipinas na Marriage Certificate ang gamit nila, natural malalaman ito kung e-check natin sa Census or sa simbahan kung saan sila ikinasal. Kung may kopya ka, mas madaling malaman kung totoo or hindi.

      • Sir tanong tanong lang din po, valid ba ung marriage certificate n galing s pilipinas or need pang ipa DFA at ipa chambers of comers?

      • Paano po kung yung marriage contract nila ay yung mga pagawa sa recto at sa saudi na pinare-register para legal silang magsama dun? Nairereport po ba ito sa embassy? Where are those fake marriages reported? Shouldn’t those possessing such documents be deported na lang?

        • The Embassy knows how to distinguish Recto Docs and the Tunay na dokumento. Address mo kay Consul MOHD. NOORDIN PENDOSINA N. LOMONDOT ng Consular Section or Office ng ating Embahada pero mas maganda kung pasyalan ng personal ang mga ganitong problema.

  5. Makkah prisoner loses eyesight after flogging

    MAKKAH: A prisoner at a Makkah reformatory allegedly lost his eyesight after he was whipped before being medically examined, his younger brother told Arab News on Friday.

    “My eldest brother was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. He had suffered from a stroke and was whipped while sitting on his wheelchair. While being whipped, he became blind,” Ali Muhammad alleged.

    Muhammad said his brother was sentenced about eight months ago on charges of fraud and ordered to serve a six-month prison sentence, in addition to 150 lashes, to be applied on three separate occasions.

    “Before he started his jail term, my brother was suffering from diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. He prepared an official medical report about his health condition and sent it to the Makkah Governorate in the hope the authorities would waive his punishment,” Muhammad said.

    He said the governorate asked the prisons department to refer the prisoner to a hospital in Makkah to help decide if his sentence should be waived.

    “The prisons department did not send my brother to any hospital. While in prison he had a stroke which paralyzed him from the left side,” he added.

    “When he was about to complete his jail term, he was whipped before being seen by the prison doctor. Before the whipping was completed, he cried that he could not see. He had lost his eyesight.”

    Muhammad said his mother complained to the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Makkah, asking it to investigate the incident.

    The society asked one of its members, Islamic Shariah professor Muhammad Al-Suhali, to look into the case.

    Al-Suhali said he met with the director of Makkah prisons, Col. Muhammad bin Shahlool, who promised to cooperate fully with the NSHR.

    “It was clear to me from the testimonies of other inmates that the prisoner was whipped while on his wheelchair and that the beating was focused on his neck, the only visible part of his body,” Al-Suhali said.

    Al-Suhali quoted eyewitnesses as saying that they saw blood spots on the prisoner’s forehead. “This is what actually caused his blindness,” he said.

    He confirmed that before he was sent to the penitentiary, the prisoner was suffering from underlying health conditions.

    He also alleged a civilian who oversaw the flogging told him that the flogger, a prison employee, initially refused to whip the prisoner because of his health but was forced by the prison authority to do so.

    Al-Suhali said this civilian, the prison’s medical doctor and a number of inmates all testified that they saw bloodstains on the prisoner’s forehead and heard him crying that he could not see.

    He said the next day the prisoner complained he had not received any real care when he was sent to Al-Zahir hospital.

    He added the prisoner had told him that he had asked for an MRI, but the hospital said its equipment was in use and referred him to Hira hospital, which then refused to receive him.

    Al-Suhali said he sat with the prisoner. “He is paralyzed, blinded and neglected. He is also suffering from poverty as he cannot support his mother and underage brothers,” he said.

    He added that the victim’s debts had reached more than SR350,000 and that the landlord kicked his mother, a cancer patient, and his brothers out of their rented apartment.

    The NSHR member said he met with a committee composed of the prison doctor, the director of the prison’s health center, the health supervisor and the supervisor of the prison ward and ascertained that the whipping had been carried out before the prisoner had been examined by a doctor.

    He alleged that the doctor had denied signing a report by the prison’s management claiming the victim was medically examined before being whipped.

    He said the NSHR’s branch office had filed a complete report about the investigations with the society’s main office in Riyadh. The main office had sent follow-up reports of the case to the Makkah Governorate, the Prosecution and Investigation Commission (PIC) and the committee for the care of prisoners.

    He said the PIC had sent one of its staff members to meet with the prisoner before a decision was made to set up a Shariah committee to look into the case and decide whether he was entitled to be released. “Two weeks have passed but the committee has not been formed,” he added.

    Al-Suhali said the poor condition of the prisoner was enough reason to sign off on his release. He said the society would approach philanthropists and welfare societies to pay the prisoner’s debts and help him financially.

    He noted that the prisoner’s health condition had worsened and that he had lost control of his bladder.


    Published: Jul 9, 2010 23:11 Updated: Jul 9, 2010 23:11

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