ReVOTElution 2010 Takes Off

ReVOTElution 2010 Takes Off

There  is a peaceful and pro-people revolution initiated by Overseas Filipinos and Overseas-Filipino workers (OFWs) that will be done through the diligent exercise of suffrage. The ReVOTElution proponents want to do an uprising in the hearts and minds of the Filipino people, so as to create positive changes in the homeland.

Bobby Mercado-Reyes, one of the chief architects of the peaceful revolt, coined the word, “ReVOTElution.” It principally wants to duplicate the people-powered revolt in February 1986, although it wants to change the meaning of the EDSA into “Economic Development and Social Advancement” EvoteLUTION. More details about the new Overseas-Filipino initiative can be found in its website, the

 The  ReVOTElution 2010 began in Southern California and has attracted the support of many OFWs in the Middle East, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The mission, aims and objectives of the ReVOTElution 2010 are described in the “Vision RP 2021” manifesto that is published in this website.

The ReVOTElution intends to have a political arm, which is now performed by the Partidong Pandaigdigang Pilipino, which some OFW community leaders have organized. It is billed as the   “Worldwide OFW-led Political Party.” More information about the budding political movement can be found in its website, 


In Southern California, supporters of the ReVOTElution have organized a branch of the PPP, which they call the “PPP-Labor BalikLaban Chapter.

Slowly the    Section of the will be transferred to the new website, so that the original website will be completely apolitical.  

The ReVOTElution 2010 will be launched officially sometime in August 2009. Details of the launching will be announced in several websites. # # #


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