Nasipitnon in KSA celebrates Town Fiesta

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 24  September 2009 – Nasipitnon in KSA known as NKSAI or Nasipitnon KSA, International in Saudi Arabia celebrates its town fiesta  in honor of the town’s patron  St. Michael Archangel.  The towns’ fiesta falls on September 29.

Nasipitnon-KSA, International

Nasipitnon-KSA, International

The celebration coincides the organization General Membership meeting. The group agreed a number of projects intended for the schoolchildren (4 Elementary Schools) located in the remote areas of the towns barangays and a surprise donation for the towns new library, the Montinola Information Center. The said library was a pet project of the incumbent members of the Town Municipal Council under the leadership of  the Town Chief Executive, Mayor  Roy Doyon.

NKSAI Pres. Ric Casil (glasses) & Jun Exclamador

NKSAI Pres. Ric Casil & Jun Exclamador

Current NKSAI President Ric Casil in his Inspirational Talk  encouraged its members to continue their kindhearted support and cooperation whatever the group decides for the good of their constituents  and the town in general, especially to those identified areas that really needs a helping hand.

It was also agreed by the majority of its members that the mentioned projects will be realized within the first week of December as Christmas presents to the towns schoolchildren.  

Last year,  NKSAI donated (educational items) 2 sets of 21″ TVs and DVD players  to 2 Barangay Elementary Schools located in the remote areas of  the town. 

Parlor games, sing-a-long and pool swimming were among the several activities during the event.  Prizes courtesy of  Mrs. Ivy Casil, the behalf of the group President Ric Casil.  

(NKSAI Officers) Jhun Redoble & Manny Pasinio

(NKSAI Officers) Jhun Redoble & Manny Pasinio

The organization primary objectives are;  to foster mutual understanding and unity among its members (town mates); promote, preserve and contribute whatsoever the organization decide for the progress of their hometown Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte; stimulate their interest about Nasipit, its historical- cultural heritage; promote projects geared towards improving the quality of life of the towns poorest of the poor especially the school children and instill their children desirable Filipino values and Nasipitnon strong religious beliefs and traditions.

NKSAI memberships are  composed of Nasipitnon OFW’s in Central, Eastern and Western Regions in the Kingdom.

Nasipit is located at the Northwestern part of Agusan Del Norte. The town has the major seaport in the province, the Nasipit International Port or Port of Nasipit. It is 24 kilometers west of Butuan City and is 175 kilometers northeast of Cagayan de Oro City. ###


2 thoughts on “Nasipitnon in KSA celebrates Town Fiesta

  1. Hi Pres. Ric! The concerted efforts and cooperation among the officers and members are the key to NKSAI success. More Power to all of us. Thanks for dropping by Pres!

  2. more power to NKSAI,from the bottom of my heart and to all nasipitnon, we would like to thanks the author for his endless effort for establishing the group,on this way we can gather and encourage them to help and share whatsoever the groups decides for the good of our hometown nasipit..salamat po!!

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