Open Letter re: Renewable Energy

An open reply letter to :  Madame Claire Lee (AVP for Operations – Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc.)

Dear Madame Claire Lee,

First and foremost allow me to thank you for visiting ofwempowerment blog – it is indeed an honor.

Promoting renewable energy sources as well as related energy technologies are needed for sustainable development in any countries in the world. A project such as yours “Give a Light” (Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc.) is very commendable.

I can help you disseminate the information to fellow OFWs in KSA regarding “Give a Light” project in which the proceeds or the (to be) donated solar lanterns would eventually help our poor-grid communities especially in the rural remote areas of our country.

However, I am not actually involve of such undertaking, though, I hope I can share with you a little in order for you to advance conceptualizing the project at this initial stage.

Solar Powered Rural Electrification in Bangladesh

Solar Powered Rural Electrification in Bangladesh

I am currently working in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST); in our country this Saudi Government institution is the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).  In my 1 year and 6 months of  employment in this respected Saudi institution (my 3rd employer for 16 years as an OFW in KSA) assigned in the Directorate of International Cooperation, I was able to peek some important materials pertains to the development of renewable energies that the Kingdom is currently been developing. This oil rich country is working towards the greater and wider use of Solar Energy. And I think our country are also doing the same recognizing the solar energy and other environmentally sound energy systems and its technologies in the country’s national energy policies.  KSA and Philippines were among the countries participants in the World Solar Programme initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization –UNESCO).

Your project “Give a Light” will be a starting point for greater and wider projects that could help our country’s energy crisis. As we all knew that there are more than 500 million households in remote rural areas of the world  – do not have access in electricity. Renewable energy electrification can facilitate satisfying the basic needs of our poor countrymen especially those in rural areas (remote or sitios in our barangays); and of course it would create or stimulate revenue generating rural activities such as: tourism, handicrafts, improvement of agricultural production and many more.  I believe that if those areas in our country will be “Given a Light” , I am sure there will be no more “New People’s Army”, “Abbu Sayyaf” and other rebel group’s roaming around the far hills  in the beautiful mountains of our beloved country.

Solar Panel (solar and Wind Power in Philippines

Solar Panel (Solar and Wind Power in Philippines)

Regarding your inquiry, I read in an online news 2 or 3 months ago (I tried to look for it in the web but to no avail, I was not able to retrieve it again), it was reported, that recently an act governing Renewable Energy was signed into law. Some of the said law’s provisions will attract local and foreign entities to invest in the energy sector in our country because of incentives, like exemption from taxes in the importation of any related machineries and equipments; and exemption of other taxes such as; tax credits on purchasing local machineries and equipments and domestic services, as well as income tax holiday.

In this regards, I would highly recommend Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc., to visit our Department of Energy (DOE) to obtain a copy of the above mentioned law and it’s implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

My warmest regards to your colleagues and best wishes in your future endeavors.   


Manuel A. Amora


Sorry for putting the comment in this post. I don’t know how to contact you. This is a very interesting blog and would like to commend you for starting it.

I work for a renewable energy developer in the Philippines. We are conceptualizing a project, initially called “Give a Light” for Christmas wherein OFWs may be given a chance to purchase solar lanterns to be donated to poor and off-grid communities in the Philippines. These may also be purchased for disaster preparedness in unfortunate events such as Ondoy.

We are still exploring this project and would like to seek help from people with experience such as yourself. We would like to know if there are taxes or duties required for such an undertaking.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Claire Lee
AVP for Operations
Solutions Using Renewable Energy Inc.


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