OFW: A Must Read about Saudi Arabia

To : Fellow  Filipinos  and to would be OFWs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  A must read book or online publications about Saudi Arabia. 

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Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions

Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions: Most of those who come to Saudi Arabia either as visitors or a workers are often awe-struck at the vast development all over the country. They admit that their image of Saudi society was very different before they arrived and lived in the country. Many Saudis, too, lack the correct and reliable information to present to others.

“Saudi Arabia in 100 Questions” aims at presenting a simple and comprehensive answers for many questions that may be raised by others about Saudi Arabia.


The Political System of Saudi Arabia:

The Political System of Saudi Arabia

The discourse in this book addresses elite western politicians, intellectuals  and thinkers. It discusses the most important issues related to the political system of Saudi Arabia from an Islamic perspective and through the state’s laws like the Basic Law of Governance. Among the issues discussed by the book, for instance, the imama (leadership), the rights and duties of the Muslim leader,  the nature of relation between citizens and the King, the concept of Shoura in Islam and the impact of the implementation of this Shoura in Saudi Arabia compared with democracy, the concept of bayah (pay of allegiance), the formation of political parties and the so-called opposition, the freedom of opinion and political expression, as well as other issues raised in the Western media and political circles about the political system of Saudi Arabia.  

Saudi Women, Towards a new Era:  There has been much misinformation about the people of Saudi Arabia in Western media; some may be due to Islamphobia, but some come from the difficulty in getting an accurate picture of the Kingdom’s diversity from the outside. Saudi woman was no exception.

Saudi Women Towards a New Era

This books demonstrates the achievements been made by Saudi woman despite the difficulties facing them. It highlights the roles being played by educated Saudi women and the government efforts to change negative attitudes towards women.

While reflecting  the emerging role of Saudi women who have been marginalized by rigid traditions and restricted misinterpretation of Islamic law, the book stresses that the active roles of Saudi woman, at both domestic and international levels, has dispelled long-held stereotypes of these women as being uneducated and dull.

Religious Police in Saudi Arabia

Religious Police in Saudi Arabia:  This book includes a comprehensive vision of issues related to the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice and its official establishment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This book was prepared by a group of Saudi academicians, males and females, representing different Saudi universities and various geographical regions. They address the Western public opinion, its political and intellectual sources. Their aim is to clarify reality for Western public opinion, its political, intellectual and media sources.

Enjoy reading!

From: Bong Amora


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