Global Filipinos convict Maguindanao Murderers

The Global Filipino Nation condemns with a grave sense of guilt the Maguindanao murderers who mercilessly slaughtered innocent lives in the pursuit of evil designs.

The use of brazen force numbs the minds of all decent men.

We call on the highest authorities to move with dispatch in arresting the masterminds and their minions.

The eyes of the entire world are glued on efforts to bring the guilty to swift justice.

There should be no quid pro quos in the administration of justice.

Decisiveness and action can demonstrate that the rule of law can prevail in our country.

Inaction, torpor or ineptness would mirror the country’s slide to anarchy.

We raise the spirits of the victims to God’s goodness and care, praying that, where human frailty impedes speedy dispensation of justice, God’s wisdom will hasten the Day of Judgment for the guilty.




Global Filipino Nation is an international organization of overseas Filipinos, their families and all onshore Filipinos who are committed to the goal of “Building the Global Filipino Nation for Good Governance”.


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