2nd KACST Inter-Color Basketball Tournament

You are invited to the Opening Ceremony of the “2nd KACST Inter-Color Basketball Tournament” this coming December 11, 2009, Friday at 2:00PM, KACST Building 31, Basketball Court. 

2nd KACST Inter-Color Basketball Tournament



The Players and Members of the Committee




The Champion


2nd Runner up

1st Runner Up

Member of the Committee

Manuel “Bong” Amora (Vice Chair Coordinating Committee)
My Opening Remarks
as Master of Ceremony
prior to the program proper
re: 2nd KACST Inter-color Basketball Tournament on December 11, 2009.
WE gathered here today to witness a new beginning…
TODAY is another great opportunity to be part of another history. 12 Years had passed, 1997 to be exact the “First KACST Inter-Color Basketball Tournament” was convened. … See More


The said tournament was formed to compete in an Invitational Tournament at that time. Though the KACST Team landed 4th Runner up in that Invitational Game, the 1st KACST Inter-Color Basketball Tournament was an inspiring success.
All of us, not only the participants OR THE PLAYERS – not just Filipinos, all nationalities, brother Muslims and Christians – TODAY – ALL OF US gathered here to achieve each other’s GOAL, WE WILL MARK this DAY in our heart and TOGETHER WE WILL make a difference.

As what I have said “WE are gathered here today to be part of another history – of not just a success but hopefully a continuing activity from today – it means – WE will exert our best effort to have this important event to transpire every YEAR – thus the 2nd KACST Inter-Color Basketball Tournament is born again; and in a few minutes we will be witnessing the opening of this event.

Yet this event will not just end up here – the purpose of this tournament is to form a team called: “NUCLEUS” and this NUCLEUS Team from KACST as per our Chairman Nestor Alvarado is ready to compete in an Invitational Tourney held in the coming months.

This sports activity we have today and the succeeding days to come will be a positive sign on the lives of all concerned. The spirit of sportsmanship fostered and strengthened relationships necessitated the spirit of camaraderie among KACST management, the Islamic Center and employees. It means cooperation, togetherness and support for and among us, and at our work places.

Every participating team will play to win but will do it in the spirit of harmony, unity and goodwill. Sports embodies universal values, it is a celebration of the human spirit. We – the participants shall put aside any differences and come together as one.

We heartily convey OUR deep gratitude to the KACST Management for their valuable support especially to our Special Guest Mr. Abdullah Al-Swailim (Good Day Sir), To Director Engr. Alboiez,  to ISMAEL DELA PAZ of the Islamic Center – Al Shifa, Thank you brothers for your untiring support, without you, The 2nd KACST Inter-color Basketball Tournament would never have been possible. Again our heartfelt thanks to ISLAMIC Center – Al Shifa and the management of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology-KACST.

The 2nd Part of our program is an Invocation to be led by …



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