Thank you is not enough: OFWempowerment 4th Year Anniversary

Yesterday, 13 of December was the 4th Year OFWempowerment blog anniversary.  I would like to offer my deep gratitude to my fellow OFWs and of course to all my readers who visits ofwempowerment blog regularly. For the past few months our stats or the number of visitors keeps climbing up as shown herein below the number of visitors for the past few weeks.

December 10, 2009 was the busiest day so far where we got 245 hits for a total views of  25,473 as of today 14 December 2009.

I hope more visitors will be able to read postings that might interest you as an Overseas Filipino Workers not only in Saudi Arabia but to all Filipino expatriates in the four corners of the globe.

To all those who leave their comments and ask for my personal advice, thank you so much for your trust, though the information is not enough but hopefully we can give more precise information in the future.

To WordPress themes and templates, Thank you so much!

Also to those who finds time to drop by in my other blogs “My Diary of Important Events / News CLippings”  and “OFWs for Noy2 for President Movement” – Maraming maraming Salamat Po!

To all of you, I know that a simple thank you is not enough but it is coming from the bottom of my heart. Have a great and blessed day!

OFW Empowerment Blog Stats :

Total views: 25,473

Busiest day: 245 — Thursday, December 10, 2009


Title Views  
The continuing saga towards OFW Empowerm 48
About Me 21
Loan Assistance to OFWs 10
OFW Links 9
The Filipino Diaspora 5
KSA2020 4
Migrant Workers Day-Nothing to Celebrate 4
What is a Blog 3
Pilipino Ako Saan man sa Mundo 3
New Saudi Labor Law 3
The Ninth Ray of Philippine Flag and the 3

Recent Weeks

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total Average Change
Nov 292 Nov 3160 Nov 4136 Nov 5101 Nov 699 Nov 773 Nov 8122 783 112  
Nov 9175 Nov 10117 Nov 1197 Nov 12107 Nov 13104 Nov 1489 Nov 1581 770 110 -1.66%
Nov 16126 Nov 17105 Nov 18106 Nov 19103 Nov 2063 Nov 2196 Nov 2284 683 98 -11.30%
Nov 23119 Nov 24134 Nov 2599 Nov 2688 Nov 2770 Nov 2868 Nov 29101 679 97 -0.59%
Nov 30117 Dec 1144 Dec 2204 Dec 3179 Dec 4112 Dec 589 Dec 6105 950 136 +39.91%
Dec 7144 Dec 8178 Dec 9163 Dec 10245 Dec 11126 Dec 12115 Dec 1329 1,000 162 +19.25%

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