(P)arty for (P)ersonal (P)olitical ambition

Political Tidbits

(Re-published) A friend and an active Filipino community leader in the Kingdom (name withheld) called me last night and reminded me of the consequences that I might be getting into in the world of  Philippine politics. He is referring to our e-group named Partido Pangdaigdigang Pilipino, PPP for short. He added that like any other e-group some individuals might be using it in their personal political interest (PPP- Party for Personal Political ambition).

He maybe be right or wrong, everyone has the right of opinion. But from the start it never occurred to me that PPP will be utilized in one way or the other for political interest of  few aspiring politicians. 

Being one of the prime mover in the creation of this e-group, it was formed primarily as a forum or a venue to interact other Filipino communities worldwide whose objective is to discuss and possibly unite Global Filipinos for political empowerment.

PPP is not yet a political party of Overseas Filipinos, it was created as the starting point or  the first step towards OFW political empowerment.  As what I’ve said never regret joining this group. 

However, PPP is aiming that it will be a political party in the  future for overseas Filipinos represented by various Filipino groups  worldwide.

Note:  Published: 1/17/07


One thought on “(P)arty for (P)ersonal (P)olitical ambition

  1. It is expected that some people will jump the gun…PPP is not yet fully functional (hope it will be in the future, but as of this writing, it is a group of diverse persons and personalities) but others will appeal to the members for support in their candidacy/ies. If the reaction refers to a person from Mindanao (name omitted), I still would throw my support to him for two reasons: (1) OFWs need real representation; (2) it has been a long time since Mindanao had an honest leader, the likes of Rashid Lucman, Cesar Climaco, Roseller Lim, etc. and I do believe the person who filed his candidacy will bring the reforms Mindanao and the OFWs sorely need. Thank you…

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