Who’s running and where?

Whose running  and where? A GMANews.TV interactive Map
GMANews.TV, GMA News Research

In the interest of voters’ information, GMANews.TV and GMA News Research are posting the official list of candidates for the May 10, 2010 elections at the national level (presidential, vice-presidential, senatorial, and party-list); at the congressional district level (Lower House seats), and at the provincial level (gubernatorial, vice-gubernatorial, and provincial board).

Click the Map to appear the GMANews.TV Interactive Map

Moving the mouse over any of the country’s regions will highlight the region and display a text box listing its constituent provinces and some basic figures relevant to the elections.

Clicking any of the highlighted regions will bring voters and users to congressional and provincial candidates in those regions. The start of the campaign period for those positions is on March 26.

The campaign period for national positions — president, vice president, and senators — began on February 9.

The lists posted here are based on the certified lists of candidates available at the website of the Commission on Elections (www.comelec.gov.ph), which we downloaded on February 4 and 9, 2010, and are therefore valid as of those dates.

We will update the lists as candidates withdraw or are replaced by substitutes. Substitutions are allowed in cases of death or disqualification of the certified candidates.

—JV/TJD/HS, GMANews.TV, GMA News Research


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