How much more…..

Government officials/employees especially those who deal with public are requested not to be rude but courteous to improve the image of the civil service. Patience and professionalism are  vital elements that could help upgrade the image of our Government. Also, civil servants must listen to the grouses and problems of the public.

You are about to read a scenario that will explain today’s inescapable realities, the Filipino people’s chronic absence of trust in politics and Government.

The letter below comes from a friend who facilitated the claim request in behalf of the deceased OFW’s heir. ***

 This is pertaining to our claim request for the last pay and other benefits of your sister, Arlin V. Bello, who died last Aug. 24, 2009 while on tour of duty in Dubai, UAE.

To begin with, the employer of your sister, Al Shola Driving School in Sharjah, UAE will only release her last pay and other benefits only after the presentation of the following documents: a) Authenticated Certificate of Heirship and b) Authenticated Special Power of Attorney, authorizing Congen Benito Valeriano of the Phil. Consulate General in Dubai-UAE to claim for the above.

Although, the process was a bit tedious for the bereaved family of your late OFW sister, but in our desire to get even the last centavo of her hard -earned money, we abide by the requirements without any hesitations at all.

This is where our calvary started. The long process of getting the approval of the Executive Judge of the Regional Trial Court , the authentication of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy, and a corresponding price for every process that we underwent , not to mention the difficulty that we encountered while queuing were followed without any complaints at all.

Finally, last March 1, 2010 at 9:20 am after almost a month of waiting, I was instructed by the Secretary of Usec Conejos of the OUMWA to submit it to the Docket, in spite of my request to hand carry your personal letter addressed to her boss with the endorsement of Congen Valeriano. I have no choice but to follow, thus, the letter together with all the original documents were submitted to the docket officer, a certain Joey Magaso, who promised me that the same will be forwarded to the office of Usec Conejos and will be given the priority in sending it to Congen Valeriano in UAE.

 I was so surprised when you told me that up to last week the said letter and documents were not yet received by Congen Valeriano. I started to follow it up, I called the docket department again to find out the reason for the delay in transmitting the said documents. To my dismay, I was asked to call different numbers and then finally this morning, I called the office of Usec Conejos and her secretary asked me to see or call Joey Magaso of the Docket Department. A woman whom I approached in the said department, easily traced the documents but again told me to go and see Joey Magaso. A man who seems to be the head of the department, a certain “ Roxs” told me the following” alam mo kasi, si Joey ay naka leave of absence at nag – iikutan sila dito, baka hindi na kay Joey yan, kay Gina na yata yan” , to which I responded: “ Sir, where can I see Gina?” and he told me: “ Wala din si Gina nakabakasyon”. I started to flare up and told him: “ Sir, where can I trace the said documents, in the absence of Joey and Gina, will somebody assist me and look for the said documents?” , to which, he said: “ Wala nga eh!, bumalik ka na lang sa ibang araw!”. I told him: “alam mo sir, pabalik-balik na ako dito, ang pinapakiusap ko ay amin at kung kani-kanino lang ako tinuturo, Sir, pupuntahan ko po si Usec. Seguis para mag patulong sa kanya at ikuwento ang lahat ng pangit na experienced ko sa Department na ito. He replied: “e ano kung magsumbong ka kay Seguis?” and I ended the conversation by saying: “ I wont argue with you sir, thank you”.

 This is too much for me to take, the people whom we thought would be the first to look after our welfare are the same people who don’t care and did not even lift a finger to extend help and provide good service to us. The OFWs who are being praised as the unsung heroes are ironically, the last to be remembered and worse, not given the fair treatment by his country men. If the Filipinos are considered the second class citizen in his own land, I can now imagine why they are being treated poorly in other countries.

I am sharing this story with you, not because the victim here is your family but since you represent the OFWs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as the President of OFW Congress and other associations for Filipino workers in a foreign land, but because, I feel that it is your duty to bring this matter to the right authority and give us an assurance that the similar incidence should not be repeated to any Filipino workers because, if this is happening to you in spite of your position as an OFW leader how much more with our fellow Filipinos that have no contacts nor connections at all.

Maybe we can request from our good ambassadors to look into this case and to please investigate any similar cases which our helpless countrymen have been encountering in the Dept. of Foreign Affairs.

 Thank you and regards.

Sincerely yours, Cielo

"Consider it Done"


4 thoughts on “How much more…..

  1. April 28, 2010

    Office of the Undersecretary for
    Migrant Workers Affairs
    Deaprtment of Foreign Affairs
    Manila, Philippines

    Dear Usec. Conejos,

    Maayong adlaw Sir!

    Ms. Cielo C. Rivera, a family friend, who is helping us following up the claim of my sister Arlin Veloso Bello, received a call from Usec. Seguis this morning April 28, 2010, informing her that the check representing the total financial claim of my late sister, Ms. Bello is already in your office.

    During a talk with Usec. Sequis, he granted the undersigned requests to allow Ms. Corcuera to get the said check in behalf of my father, even in the absence of an authorization letter, considering that my father is in the province and has difficulty walking.

    As such, please advice us on the following concerns:

    Will the check be given to Ms. Rivera even in the absence of an authorization letter ?
    If not, is an authorization letter enough to allow her to claim such, or a Special Power of Attorney duly signed by my father?
    In behalf of my father, will I be allowed to authorize Ms. Rivera on this or still a Special Power of Atty, duly signed by me will also be required?,

    I would appreciate your kind assistance on this request and please advice us immediately on the above concerns.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    President, OFW Congress – Riyadh

  2. Good Afternoon Mr. Amora! We are a group of students from De La Salle University Manila and we are doing an advocacy to promote awareness regarding OFWs as well as to make a guide for aspiring OFWs. Issues regarding OFWs concern us. It is for this cause that we are constructing a website for OFWs.

    In this resolve, we are wondering if you could link our site to your website and vice versa for easier dissemination of information?

    This is only temporary and not our final website. Here is the link:

    Thank you very much. Let us continue to empower our fellow Filipinos.

    Yours Truly,
    Maria Fatima Cruz

  3. In fairness to our good former Ambassador to KSA, now DFA USEC Rafael Seguis, please find below his e-mail reply:
    I will see Usec Conejos about the incident which was graphically narrated by Cielo the first opportunity on Monday to verify the story.. I will also look for this “Roxs” in OUMWA. I would like to assure you that the despicable behavior of some employees in OUMWA does not reflect the whole Department of Foreign Affairs.

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