My choice is not your choice

Tomorrow, April 10, 2010 is the first day of Overseas Absentee Voting that will end on May 10, 2010. 

Below are my  choices  whom I feel worthy of my vote.

President: Noynoy Aquino

Vice President: Manuel Roxas


1)      Toots Ople

2)      Bebot Bello

3)      Martin Bautista

4)      Ruffy Biazon

5)      Alex Lacson

6)      Lim

7)      Sonia Roco

8)      Liza Hontiveros Baraquel

9)      Enrile

10)   Adel Tamano

11)   Franklin Drilon

12)   Jinggoy Estrada

My Choice

Your choice is not my choice, no one could dictate you to whom you will vote. Just do the right thing according  to what your heart says.  Voting  is sacred, voting is the essential elements of freedom, it is a duty,  and therefore  don’t waste your  right to be heard;  that’s what democracy is all about. – Bong Amora


2 thoughts on “My choice is not your choice

  1. My Choice of vote:

    President: Bishop Brother Eddie C. Villanueva
    Vice President: Perfecto Yasay

    1.Kata Inocencio
    2.Alex Tinsay
    3.Imelda Papin
    and the rest of bangon pilipinas…………..

    Party list: CIBAC

    Please Guys….
    Make the right decision cause our country will depend on our vote.
    If you guys want to vote for poll pls. vote now in
    Directed here:

    Guyzz…please vote wisely cause we need a leader that is righteous and God-fearing..
    One who cares for the needy and the one who brings education to life so please before you vote,know if your candidate is worthy for your votes and praise cause only God’s will will prevail!

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