Congratulations! AKBAYAN

Congratulations! To Akbayan Party-list  as one of  the  Party-list group winners in the  May 10, 2010 election.

Akbayan’s nominees are:  renowned economist and activist Walden Bello, agrarian reform and women advocate Atty. Arlene Bag-ao, peace crusader Tom Villarin; migrants champion Ellene Sana, youth leader Francis “Kiko” Isaac and peasant leader Ruperto “Ka Uper” Aleroza.

Akbayan is one of the pioneering groups in the party-list system.  In 1998, when the system was first implemented, former congresswoman Loretta Ann Rosales was the group’s first representative and was also represented  by Liza Hontiveros Baraquel in the 14th Congress.

The Constitution allots 20 percent of the seats in the House to party-list groups. For a group to get a seat in Congress, it must win at least two percent of the total votes cast for the party-list system.


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