Tidbits – 1 Yr. Ban (KSA and UAE)

Saudi Arabia

Fellow OFWs  leave comments in our blog  asking  if the (1) one year ban they heard circulating around the expatriate community in the Kingdom for quite a time now is true or not.

In my reply(ies), I always emphasized to our commenters/readers  that I don’t read any documents such as Saudi government memo that could  prove  of  a 1 year  ban  for those expatriates who wishes to return back to the Kingdom.

King Khaled Int'l. Airport - Riyadh, KSA

With regards to the issue about NOC (No Objection Certificate), I always give emphasis in my replies that  it is very clear in the New Saudi Labor Law that, the employer may put in a condition that the worker  shall not, after the termination of the contract, compete with him or divulge his secrets to another and    in order for the conditions to be valid,  it must be written and defined, in time, place, kind of work and within the necessity to protect the legal interests of the employer (see SLL Art. 83).

It further says that the new law annuls the provisions that conflicts with it (see SLL Art. 244);  

and lastly, it states in SLL-Art. 8  that – any waiver or settlement regarding the rights of the workman originating from this law during the validity of the contract, are considered void, unless it is more beneficial for the workman.

Note:  Please note that your passport is still subject for visa stamping with Saudi Royal Embassy  in our country. Therefore, if  an OFW  is having existing problem in the Kingdom or he/she is ban to enter the Kingdom then visa stamping is denied.  

Today, I went to our Personnel Department and  inquire whether there is a labor policy or a memorandum from the Labor Ministry imposing such ban.  Well, as I found out there was really a government order issued by the Ministry of Labor but not for those expatriates who left the Kingdom with clean hands.  It means – you exited the Kingdom without violating its laws,  that includes good relationship with your previous employer.  

But  watch out – to those who have exit and re-entry visa who did not return back to the Kingdom and have plan to come back with new employer, please  “DO NOT”  because you are going to be apprehended by the Saudi authorities in the immigration.  

United Arab Emirates

UAE Airport - Dubai

United Arab Emirates or UAE that includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other member emirates continuously imposed a one year labor ban for expatriates who breaks the terms of their labor contract with the said country. Some other reasons or conditions of the ban are those expatriate workers leaving government jobs, expats who lose a case with the UAE labor ministry against their employer, expatriates who leave their job before the completion of their employment contract and expats who starts a work stoppage, or instigates or participates in such acts.

The good news, UAE’s  Federal Supreme Court last week ruled that companies cannot slap a fresh ban on former workers after their old ban expires.

The law allows workers to re-enter the country using a new visa after the end of the first ban, the court said. The ruling came following a case filed by an Indian foreman, 29, against a contracting company where he worked for seven years.

According to the employee, his employer terminated his service because he demanded an increase in salary. The employer then cancelled his residency and imposed a one-year ban on him from the Department of Naturalization and Residency. He was later deported to his country.

After the expiry of the ban, a maintenance firm issued an employment permit for him through which he entered the country and passed the iris scan test.  read more >>>> No fresh entry ban after the first one expires


17 thoughts on “Tidbits – 1 Yr. Ban (KSA and UAE)

  1. hi poh ako poh c jennie galing poh ako ng dubai,umuwi poh ako dto s pilipinas ng hindi tapos contract ko kc poh hindi ako sinasahuran ng amo ko ng tama,mag 3 years n poh ang nakalipas,kung babalik poh ako ng dubai wala poh b akong magiging problema?

  2. hi puh..i work in abu dhabi…pls could you help me,,,..i am still confused..wer to know if im lifetime ban in uae?ive been diagnosed there dat i had an tb and in thar day i was been deported,,,they say i will b ban…but is is true that it is lifetime?or just a short period of time..

    • Janine,

      All expatriates who entered UAE and found or diagnosed with TB are stamped as unfit to work in UAE. The questions is, how about if the TB has been healed or cured? TB can be healed but the TB scar can still be detected through X-ray. It means that the person once had TB but is now completely cured.

      However, UAE Ministerial decree’s indicate that all Expats who have been found to have old pulmonary TB or TB scar are denied a fitness certificate since they are still considered “unfit to work” and they’re subjected for deportation.

      According to Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) “the current laws applied in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi or UAE, the same regulation is applied in other GCC countries.”

      Consult your recruitment agency for exact and accurate advise on your concern.



  3. sir bong gud pm po… ako po si joy… dumating ako sa KSA nung march 2009.. umuwi ako ng dec 2009.. meron po akong re-entry exit visa.. ngayon pong 2012 na.. maari na po b akong makabalik ng saudi sabi kasi nila 2yrs daw ang banned… wala naman po akong police record sa saudi kahit ano… malinis po ang record ko.. sana po matulungan nyo po ako salamat po

    • May exit re-entry ka at hindi ka bumalik? Ito ba ang ibig mong sabihin. Palagay ko magkaproblema po kayo sa Saudi immigration dahil nga po naka record sa kanila na may re-entry ka. Halimbawa po nakalusot kayo sa visa stamping ng Saudi Embassy sa atin pero sa immigration po maaaring ma-hold kayo.

  4. Sir,
    Magandang araw po.Itanong ko lang po ang sitwasyon ko,nagtrabaho ako sa isang kompanya ng 4 n taon at may finger print po ako bago umuwi.May re-entry visa po ako nung August 2009 pero hindi na po ako nakabalik sapagkat nakakita ako ng mas magandang trabaho sa UAE.Nagpalit na rin po ako ng passport ko.Umuwi po ako nung August 19,2010.Pwede na po ba ako bumalik sa Saudi Arabia sapagkat nakakita ako ng bagong employer at hindi rin po ako hinahanapan ng NOC.Hindi po ba ako magkakaproblema pagdating ko sa Saudi .
    Salamat po.

    Dan Macatangay

    • Dan,

      Medyo may problema tayo kung sakaling mag desisyon kang bumalik. Naka red tag ang iyong files sa immigration mukhang delikado, makalusot ka man sa atin, pero sa immigration ng KSA ay hindi.

      If ever makalusot ka sa visa stamping sa Saudi Royal Embassy sa atin, at kung talagang mag desisyon kang bumalik, you must take the risk and the consequences of your decision.



      • sir Bong
        gud day po!

        ako po si Jake, ask ko lang sana kung anung magandang gawin kasi sa pinas po 2yrs contract pinirmahan ko tapos pagdating dito sa saudi pinalitan po ng 5years ccontract yearly vacation at babayaran ko lahat ng gastos pag di ko tinapos. kung 2years po kasi kaya ko tapusin. pero kung 5years masyado po mahaba. inaalala ko po kung pano ako makakakuha ng exit. ano po ba magandang gawin at sino po ba dapat kong lapitan dito sa saudi lalo na sa sitwasyon ko na nagkaroon ng contract substitution.

        lubos na gumagalang

  5. Hi. m currently working here in UAE din M now applying in KSA but my 3 years contract ay hindi pa tapos,ive been working here for 2 years and 6 months only.so is there any possobility na makaLipat ako sa KSA from here kahit hindi kopa natatapos ang 3 years contract ko?nid advice.

  6. Im currently now in riyadh, KSA,.at the same time may nkaprocess akong visa sa UAE…pag dumating ang visa ko from UAE mag file agad ako ng vacation leave para makauwi agad sa pinas.Possible kaya ako makalipat sa UAE kahit may re entry ako sa KSA without renewing may passport..please help me my problem..please reply to my email…thanks

    • Mer,

      It is not possible because they can read employment status found in your passport, besides your employment with UAE ay dadaan pa sa kanilang diplomatic mission sa Pilipinas at ma-trace ang iyong employment status dito KSA.


  7. 25 August 2010
    Khaleej Times

    ABU DHABI — An expat worker who has a permanent ban from working in the country is eligible only for a visit visa, an official at the Ministry of Labour (MoL)Ministry of Labour (MoL)Ministry of Labour Affairs – UAE said on Monday, at the 
weekly Open Day at the ministry in 
Abu Dhabi. The worker is forbidden to take up work both in the public and the private sectors.

    An Arab accountant visiting the country approached the MoLMoLMinistry of Labour Affairs – UAE Open Day committee and sought to work for another sponsor.

    He had absconded from his previous employer and was caught working for another company after he went ‘missing’. The expat said he left the country a year and three months back and returned on a visit visa. He requested the MoLMoLMinistry of Labour Affairs – UAE for an adjustment of his visa status or to let him be employed under another sponsor.

    His application was rejected after the ministry found out that there a work ban on him.

    The source pointed out that private companies sometimes fall into such situations. The Ministry of Labour Affairs – UAE cannot interfere with the ‘absconding worker notice’, the ministry official added.

    “Nobody can interfere in such cases of gross violation even if it is a former sponsor of the errant worker,” said the official.

  8. The law is very clear that if you want to exit from the Kingdom and return back
    make sure to work again with former employer and not with a new one otherwise, the ofw will not be allowed to enter the kingdom. On the other hand, what will happen to the ofw who wanted to stay in Saudi even his/her contract expires and decide to be employed with a new employer? is it illegal, what will happen to this ofw if she will be caught by Saudi authorities, is this similar to Filipinos “t n t” in the US? Will the ofw’s stay be considered illegal in nature and is punishable under the Saudi law?

    Im sorry Sir Bong, i dont have any knowledge on Saudi laws, im just curious because a friend of mine who will be ending her contract started to change her mind and slowly trying to hide her identity by deleting her facebook account and other means of communications that will lead the authorities from finding her where abouts,

    So, the ofws should decide whether to stay or leave the kingdom once they finished their contract. The law maybe harsh but its the law.

    Thanks a lot for clarifying the above concern, mabuhay ka.

    • Crystal,

      Ang isang OFW na may exit-re entry visa ay OFW na nagbabakasyon lamang at babalik sa Saudi ARabia sa kanyang kasalukuyang employer. Iyan ang ibig sabihin na Exit re-ntry Visa. Pag balik mo dito, mag trabaho ka parin sa iyong employer.

      Ang isang OFW na may EXIT visa, ibig sabihin hindi na siya nag-renew ng kontrata. Kaya Exit lamang ang tatak ng kanyang pasaporte at walang/re-entry. Pag EXIT ka na ibig sabihin, free ka ng maghanap ng ibang employer at bumalik sa Kaharian.

      Hindi ka puwedeng magtrabaho sa ibang employer kung may obligasyon ka pa sa iyong employer. Bawal ito sa Saudi, NOT UNLESS, humingi ka ng RELEASE. Ibig sabihin humingi ka ng permiso para lumipat ng ibang employer. Pag binigyan ka, you are free to work in another employer (puwede ka ng magtrabaho sa ibang employer/AMO/KOMPANYA.

      Natural na pag hindi ka na nag work sa iyong employer at lumipat ka sa iba without their permission, TNT ka at ito ay labag sa kanilang batas. At kung TNT ka, natural na hindi mo ma renew ang iyong work permit/IQAMA na kung nakasaad doon ang detalye kung sino ang iyong employer. Ang employer mo lang ang may karapatan na mag-renew ng IQAMA dahil sponsor mo sila. Ibig sabihin ILLEGAL ALIEN ka na rito at kung masita ka ng polis ang unang hinahanap ay ang IQAMA, pag wala ito or expire na ito, ikaw ay dadalhin sa presinto at magpaliwanag at makulong. Habang nakulong ka, kinonkontak nila ang iyong employer at pag hindi maki pag coordinate ang employer dahil galit sa iyong pagtakas or pag runaway, iisa lang ang mangyayari, magtagal ka sa bilanggoan.

      Bakit takot ang kaibigan mo? Magtatapos na ang kanyang kontrata, pwede siyang mag file ng exit para walang problema at bumalik sa kaharian with new employer. Anong problema doon? Wala akong nakitang problema. At kung hindi pumayag na ikaw ay mag exit or hindi nag bigay agad ng exit visa dahil kailangan ka or magintay ng replacement, be patience, pagbigyan mo pero tiyakin mo lang in black and white na pauwiin ka pagsapit ng inyong napag usapan.

      At kung sakali na ayaw ka talaga pauwiin pagkatapos ng napag usapan na period of extension, mag sumite ng reklamo sa Saudi Labor or makipag ugnayan sa POLO/OWWA.

      Sana naintindihan ang explanation.


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