A blog “Definitely for Filipino”

At first, I never thought that blogging will be part of my daily routine or perhaps became part of my life.  My week would be empty if I can’t post anything and my days would be boring if I don’t receive or read  comments and inquiries from our readers more particularly fellow OFWs.

And it is a fulfilling day if I can share with someone my thoughts, advices and opinions. Though I can’t say that what I shared or reply to those who asked my opinions are perfect, but it’s quite relieving that someone out there believes in you.

Blogging is being promoted as one of the easiest ways to promote oneself, organization, company or a product, etc. My friends asked me why I don’t put any ads on this blog and other money making features that can make money or earn money out of it. I told them blogging from the start is just a hobby and this is my personal blog and I am determined to write anything that will pop out in my mind, no one can ask me what to do, what to write and what to say because I owned this blog. I am the writer, the editor and publisher rolled into one.

Blogs these days are very popular form of expressing one’s self, pouring out your emotions on a certain topic  that you think entertaining or interesting to others or posting something that you think an important events, ideas and useful information that your readers may know.

The Philippines has plenty of historical buildings still standing today. To me, this particular building really stands out as it is one of the few that has survived the test of time and war. I am going to make the photos speak for themselves. (Click the Photo)

During most of my spare time in the office and at home, I surf the internet, and read blogs too that might interest me and give me an idea on what to post.  Today, I stumble upon a blog that I may consider calling it  “a fantastic blog” and a very informative blog in which you can find all the topics you want, from business, living, sports, technology, news, travel, photography, you name it!  You can find in this blog. It even has a chat room and a store, huh! If you’re a writer, you can submit articles. The design is superb and neat.  If you want “Nostalgic Videos”, it has! You can even watch “The Battle in Manila, 1945”.  Whew! My snappy salute to Ben Totanes the creator of DEFINITELY FILIPINO.

Want to see it for yourself guys! Visit “the blog for online Filipinos”, DEFINITELY FILIPINO!


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