True or Not, WE deserve to know

True or not, WE deserve to know

Riyadh, 7  October 2010 – Four Filipina nurse were abducted and allegedly victims of rape in two separate incidents, according to Filipino migrant rights group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Alarmed with such incidents Kapatiran sa Gitnang Silangan-Middle East appeal to the Philippine Embassy to conduct an investigation regarding the gruesome details of the incident allegedly done to the Filipina nurses.

According to KGS chairperson Eric Jocson, who conducted their own investigation, the victims were Filipina nurses working in several hospitals in Riyadh. In the first case, announced by Jocson one of the victims works in Riyadh Kharj Hospital (RKH) also known as Riyadh Military Hospital.

Crime against woman: naked realities

Based on initial investigation, the nurse was among the passengers of the hospital bus service but she was left behind and decided to take a cab. While on the way to her accommodation, unidentified man blocked the cab and forced the victim to his car. The Filipina nurse was found later in the desert and in critical condition. It was learned that there was an indication that she was abused. After two weeks the victim died.

In the second case, according to Jocson, three Filipina nurses who work in the National Guard Hospital in the same city were walking from their accommodation to buy something at a nearby department store. According to the witnesses, a car suddenly stops and forced the three Filipina nurses into their car.

After few days, the three Filipinas were found in a remote area in the mentioned city. The shocking discovery showed signs that the victims were gang raped based on the initial medical examination results that there were lacerations on sensitive parts of their bodies. Suspects of this heinous series of acts to Filipina nurses are still at-large.

Engr. Faizal Sharque, Executive Council member of the OFW Congress-Riyadh, a group of Filipino Community organizations and leaders advocating OFW issues and concerns reminds everyone not only to Filipina nurses working in this oil rich region to refrain from going out at nights. “Nurses who are invited by other nationalities and even fellow Filipinos outside their accommodation during night in any given places and time should not accept invitation”,  Sharque said.

“We are not in Manila where you can just roam around and paint the town red”, he added.

Member organizations of OFW Congress are also requesting the Philippine Embassy to investigate this ghastly news around the Filipino Community.

“Our nurses are here because our country can’t provide job to thousands of nursing graduates each year; and they received such horrifying deaths in exchange for a dollar”, OFWC said.

OFWC added that “the Filipino community leaders in Riyadh sincerely appeals to the good Consul General Ezzedin Tago to look into this matter, true or not, Filipino deserve to know if this country is still safe to us OFWs. If it is true please seek justice on our behalf”.

Consul General Ezzedin Tago has been recently designated by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs as Charge D’Affaires, ad interim, of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. He was the Consul General of the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah prior to his transfer in Riyadh.

In 2008, a rape case dubbed as “Rape on Christmas Eve” was the one greeted the good Consul General in the first days of his duty as Consul General in Jeddah, now, the same greetings in Riyadh in the first week of his duty.


4 thoughts on “True or Not, WE deserve to know

  1. Tma po kau,mdameng pilipina n abuse pero hnde kumikibo dhl lng s pera..mleng mle po un
    k2lad ko po 6mnth plng 1st tymer naabuso ng kptid ng amo ko,..ngdcyd n ko umwme
    bket klangan mgsakripisyo xmantalng mas klangan k ng pmilya mo kysa perang knikta mo…mrme png pgkkataon n mgtrabho s ibng bnsa nde lng d2,..

    ang buhay po ay nag iisa lang…

    e2 po ay ang akin lang..
    fhaye 26yrs.old

  2. Hi Sir Manny,

    This is concerning your issue on the truth on the several cases of abuses to Filipinas in KSA. First, its a good thing that you verified the veracity of the information to Congen Tago, where he confirmed that there is no truth to the issue. Second, lets accept the fact, that there was unconfirmed reports of abuses in the kingdom not only to women but even to men. I personally agree that there is a scarcity in the employment opportunities being offered by the Phil govt. to our “kababayans” here in the Phils. that is why our fellow Filipinos have no choice but to go to Saudi or even to Afghanistan (see the latest news on Filipinos who died in Afghanistan due to a plane crushed?) to the extend of risking their lives to foreign land just to get a “big slashed” on the dollar conversion to a peso remittances. At this point, i don’t know whom to blame of one, is it the government for their continuously playing deaf and blind for the needed employment opportunities here in our country? second, the family of these ofws who continuously living lavishly beyond their means to the point of forcing their beloved spouse to work and take too much risks just to provide their luxuries in life ( hindi ko naman po nilalahat, pero marami po ang guilty dito, aminin man natin o hindi), or the ofw himself who doesnt know how to protect himself or herself in a foreign land. I agree and there is nothing to refute, they are taking all the chances in the world but, again, there are those who are really playing “games” in a foreign land just to earn extra dollars to be remitted back home, ( uulitin ko po, hindi ko nilalalahat, pero, marami din po sa atin ang ganyan ). Minsan, o mas madalas po sa mga nag aabroad ay ” nagwawala” sa foreign land, again it has something to do with their values in life.

    What is the bottom line of all of these, you are aware of what kind of life you will experience in a country like Saudi Arabia, mga kuwentong pinatagal na ng panahon. pero, we still want to take the risk and worse, doon pa nag-wawala ang karamihan sa mga kababaihan natin, di po ba. Then, when something bad happens to them, they will blame the government? Censya na po sa mga tatamaan, kung hindi po kayo ang ganito hindi po kayo magagalit diba?

    Salamat po, sir Manny for giving me a space to share my opinion

    Mabuhay po kayo

    • Crystal,

      Thanks for your concern sa aming hanay.

      Crys, ang lahat na iyong binanggit ay hindi lingid sa lahat ng mga OFW at maging sa mga mahal namin sa buhay sa Pilipinas at sa mga kapwa Pinoy at sa ating Gobyerno mismo. Maitatawag natin itong “BUKAS na LIHIM“.

      When it comes to maltreatment and abused of our Filipina Domestic Workers, there are so many untold stories that can not be told, “ikaw nga” and it will “remain untold” kung hindi mahinto ang pag deploy ng mga Filipina Maids sa mga bansa sa Gitnang Silangan. At mahinto lamang ito kung ang pangingibang bansa ay hindi na isang pangunahing pinagkukunan ng kita para sa kaban ng bansa. Sa ngayon ang manggagawang pinoy sa ibayong dagat ay itinuturing ng gobyerno na isang kalakal at pagkakakitaan.

      The basic problem of working abroad is family break up. Ang matagal na paghiwalay ng pamilya or long separation of family may cause breakdown of family relationship. Ang paglihis ng mga anak sa hindi tamang landas, drug abuse, early marriage, inaabuso ang kabutihan ng mga magulang dahil itoy nakasanayan na ng mga anak noong sila ay nasa murang edad pa lamang. Long separation can also be the reason of broken marriage, infidelity of either both spouses. Nakakapanlumo, we says “working abroad to improve family’s living conditions” ang paghangad na pagbutihin at panatilihin ang pamilya ang nagiging sanhi pa ng paghihiwalay.

      Sa ngayon marami tayong mga NGO na dapat hindi lamang mag concentrate sa iisang lugar sa bansa. Nanawagan po ako sa grupong ATIKHA, KAKAMMPI, CMA, at iba pang mga Non Government Organization na may pag-alala sa kahihinatnan sa tinatawag na Social Cost of Labor Migration. Kailangan po namin ang inyong gabay, sa aming mga pamilya at mga anak, ipagpatuloy po ninyo ang inyong adbokasiya at mga adhikain para sa kagalingan ng aming hanay at sa aming mga mahal sa buhay sa Pilipinas.

      Crystal, maraming salamat sa iyong pagbisita. You are most welcome!


  3. I was able to talk to Consul Gen. and Phil. Embassy Charge D Affaires Ezzedine Tago in person about this issue. He confirmed to me that there was no such incidents happen as per investigations conducted by the Phil Embassy. Thanks ConGen!

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