KSA Exit & Re-entry Visa Online (Internet and SMS based services)

KSA Exit and Re-entry Visa Online (Internet and  SMS based services)


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The Saudi Passport Department has launched a service to enable exit and re-entry visas to be issued online. This  was one of the new Internet-based services being introduced for both Saudis and expatriates. Although the department’s website (www.gdp.gov.sa) is in Arabic, there is an option to display forms and instructions on how to complete them in English language.

All who wish to benefit from these services can simply fill in forms through registering on the website and the forms could be filled without needing to visit the centers.

An initial one-off registration, however, needs to be completed and delivered to a local passport office.

Apart from the basic information section, the Ishaar services could be used for notifications regarding a passport.

The Muqueem services are for companies and institutions that need to complete paperwork regarding their employees, while there is a separate section for individuals. read more>>>>>


4 thoughts on “KSA Exit & Re-entry Visa Online (Internet and SMS based services)

  1. hi..im a filipino..i want to know about my situation now..bec i have planning to go back in saudi..but i have a exit/re-entry in my company before april2010 in my vacation and i did not comback there..but my visa and iqama is already expired bec..1yr past from now and my renewal iqwama is yearly… now is june2011 and i have plan to comeback there..pls advice me what can i do ..thank you!!!!

  2. salam
    i want know the rule about exit rentry
    my contract is finishing june 2011
    i wish to go vacation but join other company can i go n come back to other company my iqama is valid upto september .what is the saudi rule presently

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