ofwempowerment blog: one year stats

To our ofwempowerment readers,

Data Stats

Please note that  one (1) year viewing statistics for ofwempowerment blog as of yesterday 18 October 2010  has so far recorded a total of 32,765 direct hits to our “homepage” ; and the highest viewed entry was Iqama Rules, Jawasat Procedures, Repatriation Advisories  seconded by New Saudi Labor Law.  

The record also showed that July 20, 2010 was the highest hits recorded by “day” with 537 pages viewed by our readers across the globe.

For the recorded statistics re: “Comments“, the New Saudi Labor Law got the highest number of 331 followed by Iqama  Rules, Jawasat Procedures, Repatriation  Advisories with a total of 169 and  70  for OFW Guide.  

Thanks a lot!  Maraming maraming Salamat Po sa inyong patuloy at mainit na pagsusubaybay!   


Top Posts for 365 days ending 2010-10-18 (Summarized)

Summarize: Year   From 2009-10-18 to 2010-10-18 

Title Views  
Home page 32,765 More stats
Iqama Rules, Jawazat Procedures, Repatri 6,475 More stats
New Saudi Labor Law 4,350 More stats
OFW Guide 1,909 More stats
Rep. Act #10022 1,861 More stats
About Me 1,153 More stats
Employee Benefits: End of Service Gratui 1,132 More stats
Top 10 Misconceptions About Islam 1,124 More stats
Salient Features of the Saudi Labor Law 867 More stats
Loan Assistance to OFWs 836 More stats

Busiest day: 537 views on Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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