OFW Ako, Diplomat lang Kayo!

I posted an entry in this blog two years ago titledDiplomat Ako, OFW lang kayo!upon reading an online news that Department of Labor and Employment at home urged overseas Filipino workers to expose discourteous officials from Philippine mission abroad so that they may be punished. The entry was made referring to a top Philippine diplomat based in Riyadh telling to an OFW “diplomat ako, OFW lang kayo!” during altercation on the usage of Philippine Embassy grounds for FilCom activities.

Though a year before DOLE made that announcement, Sen. Manny Villar already filed Senate Bill 1879, to impose penalties on Philippine consular officials and other government personnel for failure to act on complaints of, or to give assistance or render service to migrant workers, their families and overseas Filipinos in distress. He also filed Resolution No. 248, urging the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to conduct an inquiry on the allegations of bad attitude, negligence and incompetence of some Philippine embassy and consular personnel stationed in various countries in handling cases of distressed OFWs.

The bill as per  Senate web site was substituted by Senate Bill 3286 which failed to become part of the amended provisions of the now Republic Act No. 10022. It is very unfortunate that R. A. 10022 does not reprimand, castigate or penalize any diplomatic corps of bad attitude, negligence and incompetence in attending to the cases of Filipino migrant workers in distress.

That is why our diplomats more particularly our Honorable Labor Attaché’s around the globe knows where they stands. They continue to be rude, indifferent to our unfortunate OFWs, unmindful of their acts, babbling like a parrot, waiting for their new post somewhere in Europe and America. Huh! You should be posted in the war torn Afghanistan instead.

That is also why OFW in distress turns from the help of fellow OFWs and Filipino Community organizations because they’re afraid to visit our embassy, POLO/OWWA offices because of their uncaring, unsympathetic, insensible attitude towards OFWs, more particularly those in need of help.

And now, YOU ask me to shut up and to stop minding these people(unfortunate OFWs) who seek our help?  Atty. Labor Attaché, please be reminded that Section 1. Par. (h) of Section 2 of Republic Act. No. 8042, as amended says “The State recognizes non-governmental organizations, trade unions, workers associations, stakeholders and their similar entities duly recognized as legitimate, are partners of the State in the protection of Filipino migrant workers and in the promotion of their welfare. The State shall cooperate with them in a spirit of trust and mutual respect. The significant contribution of recruitment and manning agencies shall from part this partnership.” 

Hongkong OFW Agnes Tenorio

Bakit mo ako pinapatigil sa pagtulong at pag-refer sa inyong tanggapan (POLO/OWWA) tungkol sa kanilang problema at hinaing?  Kung babaliktarin ko at sabihin sa iyo ang mga katagang ito “OFW Ako, Labor Attaché lang Kayo!” What would be your reaction? You should not treat us like the way Philippine Labor Attaché to Hongkong Romulo Salud treated OFW Agnes Tenorio. Wala kang karapatang patigilin ako. We are the “true unsung heroes” and “the savior of our nation”, don’t you know that – Atty. Labor Attaché?

 I respectfully request the Vice President and Presidential Adviser on OFW Affairs Jejomar Binay in your upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and so with DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, to please evaluate the individual performance of the members of the diplomatic corps, especially officials from the office of POLO/OWWA to determine the merits of their continuing tour of duty. I am so sure that some of the “wheat should be separated from the chaff” or else kawawa ang mga OFWs na nangangailangan ng agarang tulong sa ating mga magigiting na diplomats.

Salamat po!

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5 thoughts on “OFW Ako, Diplomat lang Kayo!

  1. Gudam,..kse totoo nmn po,..kung agaran natutulungan ang mga katulad nmen n ofw bket mgstay ng mtgal d2 lalo n mga n abuse mas klangan nla ang pmilya nla dhil s mga pnget n naranasan nla…
    kung xknla nangyare ang naranasan nmen at gnun dn ang trato sknla

    wag mo gwen sa iba
    kung ayaw mo gwen sau

    ang akin lng pananaw

    xlamat po

  2. I agree, a lot of our kababayans, mas panatag pa ang loob to seek a help from Filipino Community leaders than to our Embassy & POLO/OWWA officials.

    Bong, cno yong Atty. Labor Attache`? pwede malaman? baka ito din yong nagpapatigil sa ibang leader. hehee may blind item ka pa ha..

  3. I couldn’t agree more with your statements.

    My cousin in Saudi Arabia is currently going through much distress with her current boss, with sexual harassment issues, with contract issues, and with passport issues. She has migrated over there, like so many other OFWs, to try and better provide for her family, and now she is in a dire predicament. But the most disappointing thing about her current situation is the fact that her own country-men – these so-called “diplomats” and “Honorary representatives” – are the ones who seem to care the least. They are the ones who can help, and yet offer none, not even a look of sympathy. You know who you are, do not try to justify your lack of compassion, your selfishness.

    Nakaka hiya kayo! Your arrogance is truly astounding. You behave as if we should respect you because of your position. Don’t you understand that your position is to represent and PROTECT YOUR NATIONALS and the interests of your mother-state. Don’t you understand that if it were not for the OFWs your position would not even exist.

    Respect is something earned, not gained through a mere title or office.

    Come on mga kaba-bayan! We are already oppressed enough by others, we do not need any more from our own. It’s time we worked together as a nation, as a people.

    We are supposed to be the most religious Christians in all the world, it is time we live our faith and practice what we too-often preach.

    • Hi Jesper! Thanks for dropping by and sorry for acknowledging your comment very late.

      Well..I understand your sentiment. Though this entry does not generalize Philippine mission in KSA. There are some who are indifferent and uncaring to the plights of our distress OFWs but there are also some who are doing their job well. I, myself admit that responding to the woes of our fellow OFWs could not be easily work out because of the limitations of our actions in this country. What we need are diplomats who are patriotic and energetic in our Philippine missions abroad.



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