The Venom of Success


 By Doods A. Amora, PEE

The fight with Antonio Margarito is inching closer – two more weeks of heavy training… the remaining days are for tapering down.

So then, Pacman has only two weeks of last hour cramming. Mentally and physically, it’s not enough. Coach Roach is concerned. To his mind, a lot of set maneuvers in sequenced drills have yet to be perfected.

The fans are worried. I too, am anxious.


Again, too many distractions… too many sidetrips.

This time, I’m not sure if the Filipino people can accept defeat. That of course includes those so-called ‘constituents’ of the Politician – the very ‘constituents’ who love him because he is the Congressman.

Yet I doubt that the Filipino nation (me, included), the so-called “Sambayanang Filipino” (in traditional politicians’ over-used flatter) prefers to see their idol in coat & tie, dining & mingling with the elite.

The Congressman

I still would like to believe the “Sambayanang Filipinowants to see their idol’s hands raised in a stunning knock-out victory! That’s Planet Pacman is all about – nothing else.

Sidetrips…? Being a Congressman in Planet Pacman, is icing of the cake. In the highest degree, it is the self-actualization of the man’s long-time hierarchy of dreams. Hence, the congressman in Manny is bonus, at least, in the thoughts of many.

No question about it. That is his…  to read more >>>>>>>>


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