Statement on the Arab News Story concerning Filipina Maid allegedly raped

PE-Press Release # 62


Riyadh housemaid discloses multiple-rape ordeal

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Personal note to fellow OFWs:

When I read the news item last Thursday, I immediately contacted Consul General Ezzedine Tago and DFA USEC Rafael Seguis requesting them to provide the necessary assistance to the maid whom as per news item a Butuanon. Being also a Butuanon/Agusanon I am concerned to the plight of the so-called raped victim.

Yesterday I contacted again ConGen Tago asking status of the case. He informed me that a press release will be out soon to clarify the matter. Upon receipt of the Press Release I wrote to Arab News asking them to clarify first their story prior publishing a news report.

Rape case is a serious matter and it is the image of the host country is at stake and false accusation can tarnish the good relationship of both countries diplomatic ties.  So I’m asking the Arabnews management to please reprimand your writers for exercising caution in reporting unverified and unconfirmed report.

To fellow OFWs,  Filipino Community organizations and individuals willing to lend a hand to those in needs, WE should also be cautious and verify first the exact situation of any distress calls. Physical appearance and the way would be complainant narrates her ordeal in the hands of her employer are just a few of many things that we should observe in verifying the authenticity of any given story. I am not saying that we will not heed of any such calls or request for assistance but we should be careful and see to it that our help are worthy enough.

I just want to remind my kababayan that making a fool out of yourselves doesn’t make any good, instead it may put you more in serious trouble.

Bong Amora


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