PhilEmb Advisory re: Use of the Embassy Grounds

RIYADH:  The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia through Advisory No. 2011/12 dated 14 February 2011 wishes to inform the Filipino Community in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the new regulations, procedures and conditions on the use of the embassy grounds and/or the use of  its facilities.  

Philippine Embassy in Riyadh

The Philippine Embassy issued the advisory in compliance to the host country’s directives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed to all diplomatic missions in the Kingdom.

Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their “note verbale” has informed the Philippine Embassy that the host government will allow activities to be held in the Embassy grounds for the following list of community events; a) Art exhibitions b) Seminars c) Cultural lectures d) Poetry readings e) Concerts f) Exhibitions g) Bazaars. All other activities not mentioned in the list may not be given a corresponding permit.

Events outside the diplomatic mission must be held in a particular place like hotels and cultural center and should not exceed past midnight.

Filipino Community organization who wishes or want to use the Philippine Embassy grounds must submit a letter request (2) months prior to the actual date of the event.  

Although the “Philippine Embassy is certain that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes the Embassy’s immunity to hold activities within its premises, the Embassy has the obligation to respect the host country’s  laws, culture and traditions under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relation”, the advisory says.

The Philippine mission in Saudi Arabia is requesting Filipino Community organizations to cooperate and comply with the host country’s directive. – BongA

To read the full text of the Advisory, please  click here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> using the acrobat reader.


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