A statement by the ministry of interior

To: Fellow Filipinos in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 The Statement below from the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that was posted in their website ( http://bit.ly/gbqCi8 ) is clearly an information and a reminder to the public especially to Saudi Nationals that laws in the Kingdom strictly prohibit all forms of demonstrations, marches and the like.

Therefore, the mentioned statement doesn’t constitute as an alarm to panic that there will be untoward incidents that will happen in the future.

Please be informed that the Saudi authorities are now very strict in implementing all necessary measures to assure that there will be no such illegal activities that will takes place in the coming days to come.

Therefore, fellow Filipinos should be very cautious and refrain from joining any crowd that the Saudi authorities might sense as a gathering intended for unlawful purposes.   

Further, fellow OFWs should refrain from sending, forwarding and disseminating information which likely cause fear and alarm to the Filipino community, knowing or having reason to believe that the statement, rumor or report can cause panic among Filipinos and other nationalities in the Kingdom.

Please be advised that the OFW Congress and other Filipino Community leaders in the Kingdom are closely in contact with our Philippine Embassy.

From: OFW Congress-Riyadh Executive Council  



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