OFW Congress will initiate OFW Contingency Plan

OFW Congress will initiate OFW Contingency Plan

18/04/2011, RIYADH: OFW Congress-Riyadh will initiate OFW Contingency Plan and seek approval from our Philippine Embassy. The said OFW Contingency plan will serve as model contingency plan in any crisis such as natural calamity and other form of uncertainties in the future detrimental to the lives of OFWs in the region.

The group formed a committee assigned to draft and formulate mechanism for an effective contingency plan in the whole area of Riyadh or Central Region as a whole.    

Initial steps were drawn up for an effective OFW contingency plan as follows:

a)  OFWC  will initiate, draft and formulate OFW Contingency Plan or OFWCP.

b)  OFWC will request Philippine Embassy to invite Filipino Community Organizations (Philippine Embassy to host the meeting at the Embassy grounds).

c)  OFWC will request the Philippine Embassy to hear their side of contingency plan. 

d)  OFWC will present their Contingency Plan (Detailed Power Point Presentation) to FILCOM Organization in Riyadh.

e)   OFWC and FilCom agreed  OFWCP should be approved by our Philippine Embassy.

f)    Upon approval, the OFW Contingency Plan should be submitted to Overseas Preparedness and Response Team (OPTR) in Malacanang.

g)  OFWC/FilCom and /Philippine Embassy will request the OPTR to create a “STANDBY EMERGENCY FUND” that can be used in time of the actual needs based on the submitted OFW Contingency Plan (OFWCP).

OFWC Executive Vice President and Committee Chairman,  Engr. Faisal Sarque said irrespective of the nature of their group, all OFW organizations must join the OFWC initiative contingency plan – whether they like it or not,” adding that “the said contingency plan is for the general welfare of the OFWs in the mentioned area.” 

OFWC will identify area coordinators in areas, like Industrial Areas in Riyadh where huge concentrations of OFWs are found. 

OFWC VP-Economic Affairs, Engr. Allan Macabangkit said that 70% of OFWs who are not member of any organizations are covered by the Contingency Plan.” 

The group also urging Filipino Community Organizations to support the Philippine Embassy/POLO/OWWA’s advisory to register all OFWs online. This can be done by compiling all their members information and register it at once via online. (END)


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