FilCom in Dubai come up with safety awareness booklet for OFWs

Filipino community leaders in Dubai come up with 50-page safety awareness book with tips outlining how compatriots new to the UAE can stay out of trouble.

Also in KSA "Avoid kissing in public"

DUBAI: Sex outside marriage could land you in big trouble. Avoid kissing in public. Don’t think that your debts are cancelled after you spend time in jail for bouncing a cheque. Don’t eat or drink in public during the fasting hours of Ramadan.

These are simple yet firm reminders Filipinos new to the country will get from a “safety awareness booklet” to curb the number of compatriots landing in trouble for being on the wrong side of UAE laws, a community leader said.

The 50-page booklet is being prepared by Filcom, a group of over 50 Filipino community leaders in Dubai and the northern emirates. “It’s a simple and easy to understand guide to remind our ‘kabayans’ [compatriots] about how to behave and take responsibility for their actions while in the UAE,” Lisa Magno Concepcion, President of Filcom, said.

The passport-size handbook is the latest attempt by the Filipino community to communicate dos and don’ts to the estimated 400,000 compatriots in Dubai. According to Concepcion, around 10,000 copies will be printed initially and distributed for free on June 10, two days ahead of celebrations marking the 113th Philippine Independence Day.

The guide also deals with illicit relations and potential punishments and also offers home safety tips. Couples who live together outside marriage are unaware that it is illegal here.” Many are also unaware that the way they dress could also invite trouble,” she said, adding a lot of Filipinos mistakenly think their debts are written off after they are jailed over non-payment of bank loans. “But in truth, you still owe the bank which can file a civil case until the amount is paid in full.”

The bilingual handbook (Tagalog and English), click here >>>>>>>>>to read more.


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